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NOTW: Alley Attitude


Colours used:
No7 Stand Back
Maybelline Street Artist “Alley Attitude” Top Coat (I love the effect of this!)


NOTW: Butterflies & Flowers

I couldn’t decide how do my nails the week I did these so I went with a bit of a mixture.  Pink and white, butterflies and flowers, some Andrea Fulerton pearls and some glitter to give my nails some sparkle!


Instagram Round Up #6

1. Nails of the Week with Indian Ocean.
2, 3 & 4. Some photos from our visit to the beautiful Loch Ness!
5 & 6. Birthday chocolate…
7. Sliced my nail while making dinner!
8. Pretty sunrise.
9. Bright yellow star cupcakes.


NOTW: Leopard

I was surprised at how well these turned out but totally forgot to take a photo in daylight so you’ll have to make do with these flash photos.  The leopard print effect is so simple to achieve and even if most bloggers seem to be bored of it by now, I still love it!



NOTW: Butterflies

I did these nails a few days before moving to Aberdeen.  I wanted something that wouldn’t show up the chips that I was going to get during the move so I just used some nail stickers sandwiched between a base and top coat.  Not my favourite nail design I’ve ever worn but it did the job!


NOTW: Easter

Just thought I’d show you my Easter themed nails….. The yellow blobs are supposed to be chicks but everyone seems to think that they are lions?!?!


NOTW: Leopard Print

I realise that I’m pretty late to the leopard print bandwagon but here’s my attempt just the same!  I’m not entirely sure I like the colour combination but I’m quite impressed that I managed to get the spots looking as neat as they do, although next time I’d like to get the spots a little smaller.  My left hand isn’t as neat as the right (I’m left handed!) but I think with practice I’ll get better……

If you’re interested, the colour I’ve used are Nail Inc Warwick Avenue for the base with Miners Plum and No7 Stay Perfect Stand Back for the spots.

It seems like recently I’ve mainly been posting NOTWs so I’ll do my best to find the time to get some more interesting posts written up – who’d have thought I’d have so much work to do in my final year!!!!


NOTW: Hologram Glitter Overload!

This week I decided to try the Nubar Hologram Glitter over some different colours to see which looks the best.

The colours I’ve used on my left hand are…..

Little finger: Nubar Vogue Vert

Ring finger: Elf Purple Dream

Middle finger: Body Collection Crystal Suede Midnight Blue

Index finger: Body Collection 2959

Thumb: No7 Stay Perfect Dollar

….. and on my right hand…..

Little finger: No7 Stay Perfect Milan

Ring finger: No7 Stay Perfect Stand Back

Middle finger: Miners Plum

Index finger: Rimmel 819 Green With Envy

Thumb: Elf Dark Purple Glitter

I really can’t choose which combination I prefer, I keep changing my mind!  I think the glitter looks good over all of the colours but different ones look better in different lights.  What do you think?  Have you got a favourite combination?


NOTW: Vogue Vert

This week I’m wearing my second new polish from Nubar.  This one is called Vogue Vert and is sort of a faded green colour.  It’s really different from any other colour I have and I really like it.  In real life, it’s actually a bit less minty – have a look at the photos on this blog.  I would say that the real life colour is half way between my photos and  these ones!

The only downside for me is that it looks very patchy after one coat (I often try and get away with just one coat!).  You need at least two coats for the colour to be opaque – on some of my nails I had to use three coats.  This is my first Nubar colour, all the others I’ve tried have been top coats.  Has anyone else tried any Nubar polishes and have you found them patchy?!


NOTW: Nubar Hologram Glitter

I love this nail varnish!  Hologram Glitter is part of the LA introduction by Nubar and is my first proper holo glitter!  I’m wearing two coats here over my Sally Hansen Virtual Violet.  It is actually more opaque than I thought it would be and I think that if you used a few more coats you could wear it without a colour underneath.  I will be experimenting at some point soon!

I love how different the glitter looks in different lights (although it is practically impossible to photograph!).  The polish is a really nice consistency and dries much faster than I expected.  I’m so happy with this polish and can see myself wearing it quite a lot over the next few months!

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