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NOTW: Victoria & Albert

Victoria & AlbertVictoria & AlbertColours used:
Nails Inc Victoria & Albert
Models Own Snowflakes


NOTW: Snowflakes

Here I am wearing Nails Inc Snowflakes over Rimmel’s Green With Envy.  I only bought Snowflakes a few months ago from Boots but it seems as though it’s been discontinued which is a shame as it’s such a lovely polish.  I really love this combination and the effect of Snowflakes is really pretty as it shimmers slightly different colours depending on the light.  What do you think?Nails Inc Snowflakes


NOTW: Nail Jewellery Combo

A few months ago I wore the Nail Inc Nail Jewellery over Ciaté Sand Dune to a friend’s wedding.  I really liked the combination but decided to try something a little different this time so layered the Nail Jewellery over Ciaté Oil Slick.  Usually the Oil Slick changes from green to gold depending on the light so I thought it would work really well with the Nail Jewellery.  Unfortunately, when I layered the two polishes the Oil Slick just turned into a flat gold colour.  I was a little disappointed but still think the Nail Jewellery looks really good over gold so I wasn’t too upset with how these turned out!Nail Jewellery 20130328_073551


NOTW: Glitter Gradient

I really love this design!  I used Ciaté Angel Wings as the base and then Nails Inc Nail Jewellery to create the gradient.  I wish I’d managed to take photos in daylight as these photos could have looked so much better!



NOTW: Red Velvet

I was so excited on Christmas morning to find a set of flocking powder under the tree!  I decided to go with a Christmassy feel for my first try at using the powder so painted my nails a deep red (Tate by Nails Inc) and topped them with the red powder.  The powder is really easy to use.  You just pour it over a wet coat of nail polish, shake off the excess and then pat down with your finger.  If you do this over a piece of paper you can catch the excess and put it back in the pot for next time.  I love the matte effect the powder gives your nails and I think it looks great up close.  It also feels lovely and soft!  The powder lasted much better than I expected and after five days wear was still there, although not as full a covering as when I first applied it.

I’m not sure exactly where my flocking powder was from as it was a Christmas present but you can buy lots of different colours from Born Pretty.


NOTW: Nail Jewellery

This is the Nails Inc Nail Jewellery I bought a few weeks ago for the wedding I went to, layered over Miners Plum.  When I wore they Nail Jewellery for the wedding I absolutely loved it but I didn’t like this colour combination quite as much.  I also found that way too much of the Nail Jewellery came out of the bottle this time making it much harder to apply and not leaving much room in my nails to see the underneath colour. Next time I use this polish I will be more careful and make sure I only apply a thin layer!  Who else has tried the Nail Jewellery?


NOTW: Wedding Nails

Here’s how I wore my nails at my friends wedding last weekend.  I had ordered Nubar 2010 from Amazon but unfortunately it didn’t arrive on time (took them a week to tell me that it was damaged in the post and they didn’t have a replacement to send – so annoying!) so I had to make an emergency purchase on Friday afternoon.  After much deliberation I went with Nails Inc Royal Arcade Nail Jewellery and paired it with my Ciaté Sand Dune.I really love the combination and can’t wait to try the Nail Jewellery over some other colours. Some bonus points- it drys really quickly and is really good at staying chip free! It is however a bit of a pain to remove but totally worth it!  Do you like it?

If you haven’t done so already, why not pop over and enter my competition to win one of two £25 vouchers for the quirky handmade jewellery from


Instagram Round Up #4

1. Snuggly microwaveable slippers.
2. Giant panda at Edinburgh Aiport.
3. So many OPI polishes at the airport!
4. Nails Inc Nail Jewellery.
5. Bridesmaids flowers at my friend’s wedding.
6. My cat Midnight.
7. Lovely autumn colours.
8. Gorgeous new Zing Organics candle.
9. Finished my Cath Kidston rose hand cream
10. … and rediscovered Sranrom hand cream.
11. Started snowing while I was in work!
12. Snow settled in the evening.
13. Impressive waves at Stonehaven!
14. Surfers who must have been freezing seeing at the day before it was snowing!
15. Cute harbour at Stonehaven.
16. My first ever deep fried Mars bar!



NOTW: Skittles

This week has been super busy what with moving to Aberdeen and trying to get the flat sorted!  Here is a really quick NOTW for you and I promise I will get around to writing some more posts this weekend!

I wanted to try out the Models Own Indian Ocean over a few different colour but even after wearing them for five days or so, I can’t choose my favourite!  The blue colour really shows up the pink shimmer well but I actually loved Indian Ocean over the pinks as well.

The colours I used were:

No7 Stay Perfect Stand Back

elf Purple Dream

Miners Plum

a pale pink Nails Inc with no name – I think I got it from free with a magazine!

Which combination is your favourite?


NOTW: Sparkles!

Thursday is my last exam ever!  I can’t wait until it’s over!  Last week I decided to wear the old Nails Inc polish I rediscovered last week.  I’ve just got one coat on and you can see that it’s quite shear but I really like it.  It looks more blue/purple depending on the light so it really hard to capture!  I’m not too keen on the cheap £1 top coat though I got from ASDA…. it keeps leaving bubbles on my nails!
After a few days I decided I to add some sparkles in the form of the Nubar Hologram Glitter polish which I absolutely love.
So, nothing very special but that’s how I did my nails last week.  What do you think?  Any suggestions of pretty summer polishes I could try?

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