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Chocolate & Mint Cupcakes

I had some fresh mint leaves left over so decided to make some chocolate and mint cupcakes.  I had a look though my books for a recipe but all of them said to use mint extract or chopped up mints (as in sweets not the herb).  I went ahead and used the herbs anyway but it didn’t really work so I wouldn’t recommend it!  The mint flavour in the cupcakes was a little strange and not very strong.  I won’t post the recipe as I don’t think these were the best cupcakes I’ve ever made but there are lots of recipes out there for mint and chocolate cupcakes.  Next time I make these I will definitely use mint extract rather than actual mint!!!


Yes to Carrots Lip Balm

Recently I’ve been restocking my lip balm collection after realising I had just one left.  I don’t know about you but I’m a bit obsessed with lip balms and usually have lots of them hanging around the house so was a bit shocked to realise I was down to one!  I got this Yes to Carrots lip balm in a travel set over the summer and had completely forgotten about it.  It’s a lovely lip balm with a gorgeous minty flavour.  It doesn’t have much of a shine so you can wear it underneath a lip gloss or lip stick to keep your lips nice and soft.  Anyone else tried this lip balm?


House of Dorchester

I’ve recently tried some chocolates by House of Dorchester and have been really impressed.  All of their boxes of chocolates have high quality packaging without tons of annoying plastic.  Everything I’ve tried from their different ranges tastes amazing.

Out of the boxes of chocolates I’ve tried, I think my favourite would be the ‘Luxury’ collection which is a mixture of delicious flavoured milk, white and dark chocolates.  The flavours are quite varied so there should be something for everyone.  The only chocolate I wasn’t that keen on in this box was the violet flavoured one but that’s just personal taste!  You can get the ‘Luxury’ collection in a 200g, 300g, 400g or 600g box.

Most of the other boxes haven’t got as much variation but are still just as nice (well I think so anyway, but I suppose it depends on which types of chocolate you prefer!).  I really like the Dessert 100g Collection as the chocolates are completely different to anything else I’ve ever tasted.  You can also get the 100g Collection in Mint and Coffee.

I could go on listing all of the different sorts of House of Dorchester chocolates but I think you probably get my drift by now!  They are all amazing!

You can buy House of Dorchester from House of Fraser, John Lewis and Waitrose.



Radox for Men

Radox have some new shower gels just for men which have bright, stand out packaging and a wake-you-up sort of smell. I really love how colourful all of the products are and the hooks which fold out from the top of the packets are handy for storing them.
There are 4 different types available:
• Radox Men Deep Clean Watermint & Sea Minerals
• Radox Men Deep Clean Shower Scrub Lime and Ginger
• Radox Men Invigorating Shower gel and Shampoo Mint and Tea Tree
• Radox Men Invigorating Shower gel and Shampoo Lemon and Tea Tree

I think they’d make good ‘stocking filler’ type presents as they are only £1.99. They are also really easy to get hold of as they are sold in lots of supermarkets and chemists.

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