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Lily Lolo Mineral Eyeshadow

I’ve got the Lily Lolo eyeshadow in the shade Sticky Toffee and it’s become my go-to eyeshadow.  I’ve tried similar mineral powder eyeshadows before but have never really got on with them as I tend to end up dropping power all down my face which takes an age to clear up!  I’ve also found that they don’t last all day and end up creasing after just a few hours wear.  Anyway, this Lily Lolo eyeshadow is the exact opposite!  None of it drops off the brush when I apply it and it always lasts the whole day without creasing or fading too much.  I love the colour – I’m a bit boring with makeup and only really wear brown / neutral eyeshadows!  This seems to change colour slightly depending on the light sometimes looking sparkly and gold and sometimes a darker brown.  The Lily Lolo eyeshadow comes in lots of different colours and costs just £5.29!  Has anyone else tried anything from Lily Lolo?  What did you think?


Jane Iredale PurePressed Base

I have a confession……most days I don’t actually wear foundation.  I hate liquid foundations because I don’t like the feel on my face and I can never seem to get them to look natural on me.  This Jane Iredale PurePressed base is one of the best powders I’ve ever used.  You literally can’t feel it once it’s on and it gives a really natural, barely there finish.  I’ve got the base in the shade Golden Glow which is exactly the right tone for me – exactly!  PurePressed is a mineral powder with spf 20 which doesn’t contain oil, preservatives or fragrance so is suitable for sensitive skin.   I like that it doesn’t look obvious but still manages to even out my skin tone completely and that it’s really quick and easy to apply.

I’ve been using the Jane Iredale Handi brush to apply which is a very soft goat hair brush.  It picks up just the right amount of powder and is great for blending.

You can buy PurePressed bases from MineralBeauty for £31.95 and refills are also available for slightly less than this.  There are loads of shades to choose from so you should be able to find the perfect one for you.  You can also buy the brush from the same site for £22.67.  I really like Jane Iredale products and would definitely buy more if they were more widely available in the UK!


Jane Iredale Eye Steppe

Today I’m going to show you the Jane Iredale Eye Steppe goGreen which I was kindly sent to review.  It contains five shades of pressed mineral eyeshadow which should suit people with green eyes: Allure, Iris, Sepia, Slate and Grape.  I’ll start with the packaging which I absolutely love!  It is nice and compact but folds out to reveal as many or as few layers as you want and there is a handy mirror in the lid for when you are out and about.

The colours themselves go well with each other and are shades I would choose myself if I were picking out just one colour (except maybe Grape?!).  All of the colours have a slight amount of glitter threaded through, but it’s not over the top so they are fine to wear during the day.  I’ve tried wearing all of the colours now and I really like them although I’m not entirely sure Grape suits me – I tend to stick to natural colours.  I really like Allure which is just the right colour for my skin tone.

The colour stays put all day and doesn’t seem to crease at all, even after 12 hours wear.  The colours aren’t as pigmented as some other brands but that’s fine with me as I’m not sure I can pull off really bold eye colours!  Jane Iredale do the Eye Steppes in a few different colours; goBlue for blue eyes, goBrown for brown eyes, goCool for cool skin tones and goWarm for warm skin tones.  I really like the look of the natural colours in the goWarm Steppe.

Jane Iredale is an American company so if you are there then you can buy the Eye Steppes for $56 from their website.  If you are in the UK then there are a few different website selling Jane Iredale products.  I’ve found the Eye Steppes on Look Fantastic for £39.95 (free delivery).

I am by no means an eyeshadow expert but I would go as far as to say that these are the best eyeshadows I’ve ever used!  Has anyone else used these?  What did you think?


Girly Christmas Stocking Fillers

Have a look at some of the Christmassy make up and other beauty products I’ve found which make really good stocking fillers or even presents all by themselves.

  • e.l.f have a great range of mineral eyeshadows for only £3.00 each.  There are lots of different colours and the eyeshadow itself is really good – it stays put all day.  The e.l.f nail varnishes are brilliant (read my review here) and I also like the Brightening Eye Color sets which again come in loads of colours and only cost £1.50 each.
  • I’ve found a website called Fushi which sells ethical beauty products.  They have some nice gift sets but I really like the lip balms (except the Organic Rescue which smells disgusting!).  Their Hydrating Lip Balm (£4.95) smells really spa like and works well.
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