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Instagram Round Up #17

1. New flowers for the balcony 2. Lime, cardamom and pistachio cupcakes 3. Homemade chocolate birthday cake 4. Amazing sunrise! 5. Lovely weather and a bright blue sea 6. Trying out some metallic polishes 7. Sculpture on the beach at Stonehaven 8. Went to a fab cupcake cafe! 9. Holo glitter polish

Slinky Liquid Liner

I’d never really managed to get the hang of liquid eyeliner but that all changed when I tried the Slinky Liquid Liner.  It is just so easy to apply, impossible to smudge and doesn’t flake off all day.  I’m not sure what is different about the brush and formula which makes it so much easier…

Miners Dip & Define Eye Powder

I’m not sure about these new Miners Dip and Define eyeshadows.  They are loose powder eyeshadows in metallic colours which come with a spring applicator – the range has 6 different colours.  I found them quite hard to apply neatly and ended up getting glitter in my eye at one point!  The colours look good…

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