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Lovea Bio Body Scrub

This Lovea Bio Body Scrub is brilliant.  It has quite big grainy bits to exfoliate so I was a bit worried that it would be really harsh on my skin but it turns out to be pretty gentle.  Sometimes scrubs can dry my skin out but this one is nice and moisturising – it contains Argan oil which is known for being a good moisturiser.  I tried out the Lovea Bio Argan Oil from MyPure last month and loved it which is part of the reason for getting the body scrub this month.

The scrub also contains orange peel and sugar which give it a smell that’s almost good enough to eat!  I have found that the squeezy bottle sometimes gets blocked up by the scrub but a big squeeze seems to sort that out!  I think it might be better though if this came in a tub rather than bottle.  Other than that I really like this scrub and will definitely be buying it again!


Lovea Bio Argan Oil

Lovea Bio Pure Argan Oil is literally just argan oil which is an oil produced from the argan tree found in North Africa.  It has been used by North African tribes for centuries because of all the natural goodness it contains!

You can use Argan oil pretty much however you want – on your hair, body or face.  It works really, really well as a moisturiser, leaving my skin perfectly hydrated and soft.  Even though it is an oil, it absorbs quite quickly into my skin and although it doesn’t have a fantastic smell, it isn’t horrible and fades quickly anyway.

I did try using the oil on my hair instead of my usual serum but found that it left my hair a bit shinier that I’d like – it looked at bit greasy.  However, after washing it out, my hair felt in really good condition so it works brilliantly as a hair mask.

It is a bit more than I’d normally pay for a moisturiser / hair mask but seeing as it does both, a little goes a long and it works so well, I definitely think it’s worth it!  You can either buy 100ml for £16.99 or 50ml for £14.99 from MyPure.  I’d recommend getting the bigger size as it’s much better value and I know you’ll love it!

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