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NOTW: Midnight Sparkles

NOTW: Midnight Sparkles NOTW: Midnight SparklesColours used:
Nicole by OPI, It’s Up To You
Nubar, Hologram Glitter


NOTW: Barbie Pink!

Pink nail polish doesn’t usually suit my skin tone but I actually really like Models Own Pink Blush.  I think it’s because it’s not a red toned as other pink polishes.  I topped Pink Blush with Models Own Juicy Jules which is similar to the Nubar Hologram Glitter I have but the glitter particles are more obvious which I really like.  I wasn’t sure about the combination at first – it looked a bit too girly with all the pink and the glitter but it ended up really growing on me I didn’t want to take it off! Barbie nailsBarbie nailsBarbie nailsI got these polishes from the Models Own range at Littlewoods – they seem to have stopped selling the exact shades but they still have other pretty colours. There are actually lots of great nail products on, I am really tempted by these nail art pens!


NOTW: Holo Sparkles

Just a quick post this morning as I am off to spend the weekend at Loch Ness which was my birthday present from Nick!

Here I am wearing elf Dark Purple Glitter which is not anywhere near as glittery as you might think seeing as it has “glitter” in it’s name.  To actually make this polish glitter, I have topped it with Nubar Hologram Glitter which is one of my all time favourite polishes!  I love it!



NOTW: Sparkles!

Thursday is my last exam ever!  I can’t wait until it’s over!  Last week I decided to wear the old Nails Inc polish I rediscovered last week.  I’ve just got one coat on and you can see that it’s quite shear but I really like it.  It looks more blue/purple depending on the light so it really hard to capture!  I’m not too keen on the cheap £1 top coat though I got from ASDA…. it keeps leaving bubbles on my nails!
After a few days I decided I to add some sparkles in the form of the Nubar Hologram Glitter polish which I absolutely love.
So, nothing very special but that’s how I did my nails last week.  What do you think?  Any suggestions of pretty summer polishes I could try?


NOTW: Summer Glitter Tips

I think this is one of my favourite designs I’ve worn, it’s so bright and summery!

I used my new yellow 17 polish for the base with Nubar Vogue Vert, Elf Purple Dream and Body Collection Crystal Suede in Midnight Blue on the tips.  I topped the tips with Nubar Hologram Glitter.  Do you like it?


NOTW: Nubar Hologram Glitter

I love this nail varnish!  Hologram Glitter is part of the LA introduction by Nubar and is my first proper holo glitter!  I’m wearing two coats here over my Sally Hansen Virtual Violet.  It is actually more opaque than I thought it would be and I think that if you used a few more coats you could wear it without a colour underneath.  I will be experimenting at some point soon!

I love how different the glitter looks in different lights (although it is practically impossible to photograph!).  The polish is a really nice consistency and dries much faster than I expected.  I’m so happy with this polish and can see myself wearing it quite a lot over the next few months!

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