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Christmas Gift Guide: Food & Drink

It’s that time of year again… my birthday has passed so now it’s ok for me to get excited about Christmas!  Here is the first of my Gift Guides :-)

1. Guylian Luxury Belgian Collection: Do I even need to explain why this is in here?  Everyone loves Guylian and this box is massive! £16.99 for 517g 

2. Dubliner Irish Whiskey: I think I end up buying whiskey every year for one or more of the men in my family!  Dubliner is apparently a blend of honeycomb, caramel and whiskey flavours so it sounds like a whiskey I might actually like myself!  RRP £19.49.

3. Coole Swan:  Irish Cream Liqueur which includes Single Malt Irish Whiskey and real chocolate and is lovely in hot chocolate.  You can also use in cocktails and desserts.

4. Cherizena Christmas Coffee:  This coffee is flavoured with rum, nuts and spice and is available as beans or ground, regular or decaffeinated.  A great present for coffee lovers!  Find out more on the Facebook pageRRP £3 for 115g

5. Lindor Stracciatella: These limited edition truffles are delicious – nice and creamy with little bits of crunchy cocoa nibs.  Very morish!  RRP 4.59 for 200g

6. Cotswold Gold Infusions:  These rape seed oils are brilliant for people who are into cooking.  I got a gift pack for Nick which includes garlic, chilli and cumin flavoured oils and he loves them.  You can buy online and there is also a big list of stockists here.

7. Malibu Snowcoco: This is the perfect drink for Malibu lovers with little flakes of coconut floating around which make the bottle look like a snow globe! You can also get some wintery cocktails from the Facebook page. RRP £14.75


Valentine’s Day Yumminess!

We don’t usually do much for Valentine’s Day other than cook a nice meal – the past few years that hasn’t even been on Valentine’s Day itself what with us being in uni in different places!  Here are a few things I’ve found which would be perfect for Valentine’s Day……

1. Guylian chocolates – how can you not love these!

2. Fudges hampers.  There are a few different sizes with different things inside.  I’ve tried some of the crackers and biscuits before and they are really good so I think these would be a great idea for foodies.

3. The Mercers Chocolate Sauce & Salted Caramel Sauce.  These taste amazing and are just £2 each!

4. Firefly Love Potion – makes a change from the usual Valentine’s Day champagne!  This tastes nice on its own but can also be mixed for cocktails.

5. Olives et Al’s Chilli Harissa.  This is nice and garlicky and tastes really good with lamb.

6. Jamie Oliver’s chocolate bars.  I like the packaging and they’re fair trade as well.


Guylian Mini Filled Eggs

These Guylian Mini Filled Eggs are absolutely delicious!  There are three flavours; milk chocolate truffle, milk chocolate praline and dark chocolate praline.  I couldn’t pick a favourite, they are all melt-in-your-mouth scrumptious and at £3.69 for 185g they make a slightly different and luxurious Easter treat!


Guylian ‘I Love You’ Chocolates

I think most people have tried the Guylian Belgian Chocolate Seashells which are absolutely delicious.  Guylian now have a special box of hazelnut praline hearts especially for Valentine’s Day.  These also taste amazing and come in a cute heart shaped box.  I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed if I received a box of these this Valentine’s Day!  You can buy them from all of the big supermarkets and cost £4.29 for 125g or £1.59 for a 50g box.

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