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Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream

I had this Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream free in the April edition of Marie Claire and I really love it.  It’s my current favourite hand cream is equally as good as my all time favourite – the Cath Kidston Rose Hand CreamThe Bee Lovely hand cream is made with organic honey and orange essential oil so it smells amazing.  It sinks in really quickly so is a good one to keep in your bag from when you’re out and about.  The hand cream costs £10 for 50ml and 25p from that will go to a Bee Lovely charity to help protect the bees.


Cath Kidston Wild Rose Hand Cream

This is one of my favourite hand creams ever!  I was so happy when I found it in my stocking on Christmas morning!  I’ve had the hand balm twice before and and love the hand cream just as much as I did the balm.  The smell is the same but the consistency of the hand cream is lighter and the packaging is different.  This time the hand cream is more easily absorbed than the balm and it feels fluffier (if that makes sense!).  I really love the packaging – I wasn’t too keen on last years hand balm packaging and much prefer this one.  For anyone who like rose scented products, the Cath Kidston Wild Rose hand cream is definitely the hand cream for you!


Cath Kidston Rose Hand Salve

I can’t believe I haven’t written about this Cath Kidston Rose Hand Salve yet!  I had my first tub from my mum two Christmases ago and I absolutely love it.  The packaging it lovely – it feels and looks a bit more special than a normal tube of hand cream.  The hand salve smells gorgeous, it is thick and luxurious and best of all it works really, really brilliantly!

I tend to use it before I go to bed as being so thick it can take a while to sink in.  It stops me getting dry hands in winter (especially if I use it before my walk to uni and leave it to sink in underneath my gloves!) and is really good for looking after cuticles.  Even though I have had it for so long and use it at least every other night, it still hasn’t run out!  It’s also free from sulphates and parabens which is a bonus.

Last week, my mum gave me a new tub for my birthday so that I have one to leave at her house for when I go home during the holidays.  The new tub is slightly smaller and the packaging isn’t quite as nice but it is still the same amazing hand cream!

Definitely worth picking one up next time you’re in a Cath Kidston shop – or even making a special trip!  (It would make a great Christmas present for almost anyone as well!) Thanks Mum :-)


Cath Kidston Umbrella

I’m usually rubbish at keeping umbrellas from breaking.  They normally last a few weeks before something snaps and I spend the next few months walking round with half an umbrella until I remember to buy a new one.

This Cath Kidston umbrella is surprisingly strong and I’m really impressed.  I’ve used it on some really windy days and it hasn’t come close to breaking or flown inside out once!  The umbrella folds up really small and is very light so is easy to carry round all day.  I also love the pattern!

You can buy the umbrella from Fulton for £20.

(Here’s a photo of the double rainbow which appeared when I was using the umbrella last week!  The bottom rainbow was much clearer in real life – I could see every single colour!)


Gift Sets from Waitrose

The Umi Bath Soak & Candle Gift Set and the Cath Kidston Rose Hand Care Kit are just two of the gift sets available from Waitrose.  There are a number of Umi gift sets; this one costs £5 and contains palm milk & acacia honey bath soak together with a vanilla candle.  There are also a few different Cath Kidston gift sets with some really nice products in them.  The Rose Hand Care Kit has 3 rose scented soaps as well as a rose hand creams and emery board.  I think the gift sets from Waitrose are brilliant – the products are lovely and they are also easy to get hold of!

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