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Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty

Here is another quick gift guide, this time with different beauty products which would make great Christmas presents….

1.  Arbonne Ginger Citrus Body Butter: I love this body butter, it smells wonderful!  RRP £23 for 340g

2. The Bubbles & Butters Company:  I love the fun, colourful packaging of these products and they are not too expensive either.  The Super Soft Bath Bubbles cost £6 for 450ml and the Skin Nourishing Body Butters cost £6 for 275ml.  You can buy this range online here.

3. Calcot Manor Beauty Products:  This is a spa range available from Tesco.  I have the body scrub and de-stress shower gel and they are just gorgeous.

 4. Ajala Spa Botanical Bath & Shower Oil – Energising Amyris & Bergamot:  This is a brilliant oil and is really moisturising – perfect for winter skin.  It’s not as expensive as other spa brands and you can but it online.  RRP £12.99 for 100ml

5. Benbow & Blake:  There are some great looking products in this range.  I have the Bath & Body Wash which smells amazing!  RRP Bath & Body Wash £12.50 for 15ml

6. Ahava Red Ornament Christmas Gift:  This is a really lovely Hibiscus & Fig Botanic Cream Wash in cute packaging.  RRP £6 for 85ml


Bath Christmas Market

Bath Christmas Market is just so Christmassy!  I had a lovely day on Saturday with my mum and sister.  If you live anywhere near Bath it’s definitely worth a visit even if the trains to get there are completely packed!  The market is running until Sunday 11th December and is open from 10am.  We arrived at about 10.30 and it was already really busy so it’s probably better to go on a weekday if you can.  There are so many stalls with so many different things to choose from – I managed to get quite a few Christmas presents but could easily have bought so much more than I did.  I’m planning on going back sometime soon to get a few extra bits!

Here are some photos from our day…..


Christmas Tree Nails…..

….. well sort of!  For my nails here I used a No 7 Stay Perfect Nail Varnish called Dollar which is a shimmery green colour.  I then sprinkled on some gold glitter on from my pot of nail glitter I had for Christmas from my sister a few years ago.

I’m really happy with how they turned out and they feel so Christmassy!  I’m off to Bath Christmas Market today to meet my mum and sister for a bit of Christmas shopping – can’t wait!


Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oils

A couple of months ago I review an Aromatherapy Associates Candle which I really loved so I couldn’t wait to try out the Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection.  It is made up of 9 x 3ml cute little bottles of natural oil, each with a different scent.  They all smell beautiful, make you feel as though your bathroom is actually a fancy spa and really are very relaxing!  The only downside to these oils is that they will make you fall in love and want to buy the quite expensive full size bottles which are £37 for 55ml.  I was planning to ask for a full size bottle for my birthday but not sure if I can wait until November!  I think these would make a lovely gift – maybe a good idea for Mother’s Day which is coming up in a few weeks?


Spa Bath Lights

I’ve noticed that a lot of places are selling spa lights for your bath so I thought I’d try some out.  I’ve got a set of 2 from a website called ParamountZone.  They are AMAZING!  The lights are bigger than I expected them to be and are nicely designed with silver frames and no annoying switches – you just press the front to switch them on.  You can either stick them to the edge of the bath (they are waterproof, don’t worry!) or have them floating on top of the water.  The lights phase gradually through 7 colours which make the bath glow.  They really make your bath seem much more relaxing and spa like and are quite hypnotic to stare at!  If you are a bath person you will love these!

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