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Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty

Here is another quick gift guide, this time with different beauty products which would make great Christmas presents….

1.  Arbonne Ginger Citrus Body Butter: I love this body butter, it smells wonderful!  RRP £23 for 340g

2. The Bubbles & Butters Company:  I love the fun, colourful packaging of these products and they are not too expensive either.  The Super Soft Bath Bubbles cost £6 for 450ml and the Skin Nourishing Body Butters cost £6 for 275ml.  You can buy this range online here.

3. Calcot Manor Beauty Products:  This is a spa range available from Tesco.  I have the body scrub and de-stress shower gel and they are just gorgeous.

 4. Ajala Spa Botanical Bath & Shower Oil – Energising Amyris & Bergamot:  This is a brilliant oil and is really moisturising – perfect for winter skin.  It’s not as expensive as other spa brands and you can but it online.  RRP £12.99 for 100ml

5. Benbow & Blake:  There are some great looking products in this range.  I have the Bath & Body Wash which smells amazing!  RRP Bath & Body Wash £12.50 for 15ml

6. Ahava Red Ornament Christmas Gift:  This is a really lovely Hibiscus & Fig Botanic Cream Wash in cute packaging.  RRP £6 for 85ml


Ahava Mineral Body Lotion

Ahava makes products which contain active Dead Sea minerals which are supposed to help maintain the natural balance of your skin and give you a fresher complexion.  All of their products are paraben and SLS free while contain no petroleum or other harsh synthetic ingredients so are suitable for sensitive skin.

I’ve been trying out the Mineral Body Lotion which costs £22 for 250ml so it isn’t cheap.  The body lotion has quite a strong perfumed smell which I’m not sure would be everyone’s cup of tea.  I don’t mind the smell but I do find it a bit overpowering when I first apply it and the scent doesn’t fade very quickly either.  The lotion sinks in nice and quickly and is a fantastic moisturiser.  I also really like the packaging which is simple and sophisticated.

If you want to try this body lotion, you can buy it online – there’s actually a 10% discount at the moment but I’m not sure how long the offer will last!

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