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Instagram Round Up #21


1. Wild dolphin trail in Aberdeen
2 & 3. BBQ at Balmedie Beach
4. Afternoon tea at The Marcliffe
5. Hedgehog cupcakes
6. Delicious mojito chocolates from Hotel Chocolat!
7 & 8. Fyvie Castle
9, 10, 11 & 12. Edinburgh Festival
13. Chocolate shortbread
14, 15, 16 & 17. Caerphilly Castle
18. Tiger birthday cake
19 & 20. Castle Fraser
21. NOTW
22. Flowers from my dad
23 & 24. A weekend in York
25. Totoro birthday cake
26 & 27 A weekend in Crieff


Nick Nairn Cook School – The Perfect Steak

Last Saturday, we spent the evening at Nick Nairn Cook School in Aberdeen. The smells drifting down from the upstairs classrooms when we walked in to the school set our stomachs rumbling before our class even started!imageimageimageThe class began with a glass of wine for everybody and then we settled down to watch the chef cook ‘The Perfect Steak‘. He talked us through each step and gave us lots of good tips and interesting facts, about the meat to choose, what sort of pans to use and how long to cook the meat. We all got a taste of the steak when he was finished and it was, no question, the best steak I have ever tried! It was served with parmesan sauteed potatoes and a rocket salad with a gorgeous parmesan and lemon dressing, all of which we were taught to cook. Next it was our turn. We all had our own station (there were ten people in the group) and the chef walked around to help us as we went, while also topping up our wine glasses. We used induction hobs which I had never used before but I was very impressed with them and now want one of my own! Our own steaks turned out pretty well but were not quite up to the standard of the chef’s. I guess practice makes perfect (we already have all of the ingredients to give the dish another go tonight…)!imageWe had such a fun evening and learned so much in just two hours. Our teacher was really helpful and the atmosphere was lovely and relaxed. I have already been trying to decide which course I want to try next… The full day Thai course looks amazing, as does the three hour Master Pasta and Chocolate Therapy!


Afternoon Tea at The Marcliffe

A few weeks ago I was treated to afternoon tea at The Marcliffe Hotel on the outskirts of Aberdeen. The Marcliffe is a well known hotel up in Aberdeen, being the only 5 star hotel in the city. It really is a gorgeous hotel (I haven’t stayed overnight but have been for dinner and was super impressed!) but is unfortunately closing before Christmas due to the owner retiring.



When we arrived at the hotel, we were shown into the drawing room where we sat on comfy, squishy old fashioned armchairs in the bay window. Glasses of chilled champagne were brought over to us as we browsed the menu to choose our sandwiches and teas. We went for some forest fruits and some honey and camomile tea. When the food arrive it looked delicious on the tiered stand and I was excited to see that there were 4 whole cakes each! The sandwiches were nothing special to be honest but everything else tasted fantastic. I even managed to forget about my camera, I was so distracted by the food! The scones were amazing, still warm from the oven and served with clotted cream and raspberry jam. Finally, the selection of cakey things was really good – a light but creamy strawberry tart, some sort of mascapone and orange concoction, a gooey chocolate brownie and a lovely moist lemon drizzle cake.

The food and drink was wonderful and the afternoon was made by the staff who were friendly, attentive when they needed to be but not standing too near or watching us which always makes me feel uncomfortable! We had a lovely relaxed afternoon and I would really love to go back. I might need to take a day off work though to do that as we booked this all the way back in February to get a weekend booking, everyone seems to want to visit before it closes! It is such a shame that the hotel is closing – hopefully we will be able to squeeze in another meal before it shuts its doors.


Instagram Round Up #20

1 & 2. Recent manicures
3. Ghost The Musical (amazing!)
4. Out for cocktails…..
5. Banoffee cupcakes
6. A stormy walk at Aberdeen Beach
7. Me and my sisters all dressed up for St David’s Day when we were little
8. Afternoon Tea with Mum and sisters
9. Berry and Balsamic Chocolate Mousse
10. Another Homemade Afternoon Tea!
11. Stonehaven
12 & 13. Dunnottar Castle
14 & 15. A sunny Scottish wedding
16. Falls of Feugh
17 & 18. Old Aberdeen
19. Seal watching in Newburgh
20. Calton Hill, Edinburgh
21, 22 & 23. Edinburgh Castle
24. More cocktails….


Go Ape

Last weekend I visited Go Ape with a group of friends. The Go Ape site nearest to Aberdeen is in Crathes Castle, about 40 minutes drive from town.  After signing in at the centre and reading the rules of the course, our harnesses were fitted and we spent around half hour with our instructor Dave who showed us how to use the clips attached to our harnesses so that we would be safe on the course. We all climbed on to the practice course to make sure we could work the equipment and were then allowed onto the actual course. Go Ape Crathes CastleGo Ape Crathes CastleGo Ape Crathes Castle Go Ape Crathes CastleGo Ape Crathes CastleThe course was made up of a series of ladders to climb up into the trees, rope bridges, tunnels, Tarzan swings and zip wires. There were instructors watching from the ground but we were able to go at our own speed around the course which was good as I was able to take lots of photos without holding anyone up! The Tarzan swings and zip wires were a bit daunting as you have to just step off a platform into nothing (obviously you are still attached to the wire…) but it was brilliant fun! I’d love to go again and I think it is a great day out for all ages! There are Go Ape centres dotted round the UK in 29 locations  and it costs around £30 for the treetop adventure.

We went to Crathes Castle a couple of hours early to have a look around the castle first so here are a couple of photos….Crathes Castle Crathes Castle


Instagram Round Up #12

Instagram1. My sister has lovely hair :-)
2. Bought myself a cute cactus.
3. Belated Easter cupcakes.
4, 5, & 6. Day trip to London.
7. Yummy macaroons!
8. Picnic in sunny Aberdeen.
9. Lunch time gingerbread man.


Instagram Round Up #5

1. Halloween nails.
2. Tasty Maltesers hot chocolate.
3. International Street Market in Aberdeen.
4. Lunch in Giraffe.
5. Nick enjoying his Pic ‘n’ Mix before going in to see Skyfall!
6. Fireworks on the beach.
7. Suprise from Nick when I came in from work on my birthday!
8. Super cute cupcake bath bomb.
9. Pearls from my mum & stepdad for my birthday :-)


Help – Accommodation Needed in Aberdeen?!

I had a really lovely time in Kos and will get round to posting photos as soon as I have some spare time!

Right now I’m going to ask for your help.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before but I am moving to Aberdeen with Nick to start my first graduate job.  The job starts on September 3rd and we will be in Aberdeen for 6 months before moving to Kent.  We’re having real trouble finding a flat to rent and lots of the letting agents we’ve spoken to have been very unhelpful.  We’ve been told that there are more people needing flats than flats themselves so presumably they are being let regardless of how helpful the letting agents are!

We’re moving up from Cardiff which is making it difficult to arrange viewings.  We thought about flying up for a day next week but all of the viewings we had made have now been cancelled as the properties have been let already!  We’ve been searching for weeks and weeks now and are starting to get a bit desperate.

I thought maybe if this post gets tweeted and shared around we might be able to find a landlord or agency that could help?!

Here is a list of what we are looking for:

  • Modern, 1 bedroom flat
  • Furnished
  • 6 month lease
  • Walking distance to the city centre (we’ve been told Rosemount and Union Grove are good areas)
  • Parking
  • Up to £700 per month
  • We are non smokers and have no pets!

We’d really like to have a flat sorted, with the deposit paid, before our trip to Thailand – we’re leaving next Friday.

I’d be so, so grateful if you could tweet or share this post in some way.  You can contact me through Twitter @hels89 or email  Thank you in advance!

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