Dr Renaud Mango Hand and Nail Cream

My newest hand cream is the Dr Renaud Mango Hand and Nail Cream.


I am not too fussed on the packaging and I don’t think I would have given this a second glance if I hadn’t have tried, and been impressed by, other Dr Renaud products. As is happens, this hand cream is fantastic. It smells wonderful and fruity and has helped out my dry cuticles which have recently been protesting about the amount of nail polish I wear! It is a very rich hand cream and does take around 10 minutes to sink in completely but I am more than happy to wait that long as it really is moisturising and is making my nails look much stronger and healthier. This hand cream costs £13.30 for 75ml and is available online.


Bourjois Queen Attitude Mascara

I have stuck to the same mascara for quite a while now, No7 Extreme Length. I love it, but last time I was in Boots I decided to mix it up and try a new mascara. After some deliberation, I settled on the Bourjois Queen Attitude which promises volume and length.
image imageimage
I have some other Bourjois products which I really like so wanted to try out their mascara but the main reason I chose this one was because the shape of the packaging was pretty unique… Maybe not the best way to decide on a mascara…. Anyway, the short story is that I don’t like this mascara. I find that it makes my eyelashes look really spidery. The formula is difficult to work with and if you try to build it up with a second coat, it clumps your eyelashes together. I think it might be something to do with the shape of the brush which doesn’t have may bristles compared with others I have used. After trying to get on with Queen Attitude for a few weeks, I actually popped back to Boots to pick up my usual mascara. I really want to find some new mascara which works for me – what is your favourite mascara?


Dr Lewinn’s Instant Beauty Radiance Booster

I got this Dr Lewinn’s Instant Beauty Radiance Booster as part of a gift set about 18 months ago. I used it a few times when I first got it but then got distracted with other products and it kind of got put to the bottom of my makeup box and a little bit forgotten about. Recently, I rediscovered the Radiance Booster and I can’t believe I let myself stop using it in the first place!
image Dr Lewinns Instant Beauty Radiance BoosterIt is a really luxurious feeling product, even down to the packaging. I really like the fresh smell and it leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft and smooth once it has sunk in, which takes just a couple of minutes. It is also good at minimising pores and gives a sort of soft focus effect. I tend to use this on days when I can’t be bothered putting on any face makeup but sometimes I use it as a primer under my makeup. When I get the right amount it is a really great product but I have noticed that it is easy to use too much which can leave my skin looking a bit greasy.  Generally though, it makes my pores look a lot smaller and my skin tone more even. I’ve also used it as a face mask a few times by applying a thick layer and leaving it for about 20 minutes before rinsing. It gives my skin a real moisture boost! I am very impressed with this product and would definitely recommend it!


Instagram Round Up #20

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24. More cocktails….


Seche Vite


For quite a long time now I have been reading about how brilliant the Seche Vite base and top coats are but I’ve always stuck to the Nail Inc Caviar top and base coats. I’ve finally made the switch and am very impressed with Seche Vite! They give my nails pretty much the same glossy effect as the Nails Inc polishes but they seem to be more hardwearing and keep my nail colours chip free for a couple of days longer. Plus I really love how fast they dry! They are slightly more expensive than Nails Inc but I think they are worth it for me as it means I don’t need to redo my nails mid week!


Grace Cole Fruity Lip Balms

These gorgeous Grace Cole lip balms are the best ones I have used in a long time. The formula reminds me of Vaseline so they are really quick and easy to apply and are lovely and moisturising. But the best thing about them is the smell. Especially the coconut and lime – I can’t get enough of it! You can buy the Grace Cole Lip Balms online for just £2 per 12g pot. Well worth it I think and there are lots of other delicious smelling products in the range as well!


NOTW: Kilt Tartan

Tartan nail art

Colours used:
Sally Hensen Xtreme Wear Virtual Violet
Nails Inc Victoria and Albert
Konad black stamping polish


Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil

Yves Rocher Hair Repair OilI am not really sure what to make of the Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil. You are supposed to apply it to dry hair and leave to sink in for 10 minutes before shampooing as usual. I have been reading lots recently about the new trend for conditioning your hair before shampooing so I guess this is similar to that. But I just don’t think it works for me. After using the oil and shampooing, my hair feels horrible and dry unless I condition my hair as well. I haven’t really noticed any difference to the condition of my hair after using the oil, even after using it regularly over a couple of months. I also don’t really enjoy using this hair oil – it doesn’t smell very nice and makes me look and feel very greasy for the 10 minutes before I wash it out so I don’t think I would repurchase even if it did work brilliantly. I have used other conditioning masks which I much prefer and which seem just as good, if not better for my hair.


Pulpe de Vie

I have been lucky enough to try out some wonderful products from Pulpe de Vie. The Tickle Me Body Scrubbing Butter is the perfect product to make you feel sunny. It’s creamy apricot scent is lovely and it really works too.

The apricot kernels, which actually do the scrubbing, gently buff your skin leaving it beautifully smooth. I love the thick texture of the scrub which makes it feel luxurious and more substantial than other scrubs I have tried.
I was also sent a couple of sachets of the Luscious Glow moisturiser. It is a body milk which gives your skin a hint of shimmer. It has a pretty strong grapefruit scent which might be a little off putting to some, but I really like it personally.

You can buy Pulpe de Vie products online at Absolutely Divine. Tickle Me costs £14 for 125ml and Luscious Glow is £17.90 for 150ml.
After trying these two Pulpe de Vie products I am looking forward to discovering more of their range.


Lush Peace Massage Bar

The Lush Peace Massage Bar is my new favourite moisturiser! It contains shea butter and cocoa butter, both of which are super hydrating and smell amazing. The idea of the massage bar is that it melts into an oil as you massage your skin and it works best if you use it straight after a nice hot bath.

The name of the massage bar comes from the fact that the cocoa butter used in the bar comes from the Peace Villages of San Jose de Apatardo in Colombia. The Peace Villages are a cooperative who have chosen to step out of the civil war in their country and live peacefully off the land. The Fair Trade olive oil used in the bar comes from Sindyanna Women’s Cooperative in the Galilee.

The massage bar costs £6.95 for 50g. I will definitely be buying it again!

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