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Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Sets

I’m properly getting into my Christmas shopping now and thought I would share with you some really lovely gift sets I’ve come across….

1. Dr Lewinn’s Smooth & Glow Gift Set:  This set contains 1x Facial Polishing Gel 150g and 1x Instant Beauty Radiance Booster 50g.  The Polishing Gel polishes away dead skin cells to give skin brightness and the Beauty Radiance Booster hydrates.  RRP £28

2. Natio Essence:  This includes a lovely scented hand cream and a Natio Woman Eau de Toilette.  You can buy Natio Gift Sets from Tesco or DebenhamsRRP £19

3. Arbonne Nourishing Shea Butter Hand Cream Collection:  There are three gorgeous hand creams included in this gift set – original scent, English Garden, and the lavender scented Meadow Flower.  The hand creams contain shea butter, vitamins E and A and cocoa seed butter.  I love them!  RRP £23

4. Lola Rose Calming Amethyst Bathing Fables:  Lola Rose have some lovely products.  This set contains Calming Amethyst Shower Gel 100ml and Calming Amethyst Body Cream 100ml.  The smell is amazing.  RRP £20



Instagram Round Up #6

1. Nails of the Week with Indian Ocean.
2, 3 & 4. Some photos from our visit to the beautiful Loch Ness!
5 & 6. Birthday chocolate…
7. Sliced my nail while making dinner!
8. Pretty sunrise.
9. Bright yellow star cupcakes.


Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty

Here is another quick gift guide, this time with different beauty products which would make great Christmas presents….

1.  Arbonne Ginger Citrus Body Butter: I love this body butter, it smells wonderful!  RRP £23 for 340g

2. The Bubbles & Butters Company:  I love the fun, colourful packaging of these products and they are not too expensive either.  The Super Soft Bath Bubbles cost £6 for 450ml and the Skin Nourishing Body Butters cost £6 for 275ml.  You can buy this range online here.

3. Calcot Manor Beauty Products:  This is a spa range available from Tesco.  I have the body scrub and de-stress shower gel and they are just gorgeous.

 4. Ajala Spa Botanical Bath & Shower Oil – Energising Amyris & Bergamot:  This is a brilliant oil and is really moisturising – perfect for winter skin.  It’s not as expensive as other spa brands and you can but it online.  RRP £12.99 for 100ml

5. Benbow & Blake:  There are some great looking products in this range.  I have the Bath & Body Wash which smells amazing!  RRP Bath & Body Wash £12.50 for 15ml

6. Ahava Red Ornament Christmas Gift:  This is a really lovely Hibiscus & Fig Botanic Cream Wash in cute packaging.  RRP £6 for 85ml


Christmas Gift Guide: Food & Drink

It’s that time of year again… my birthday has passed so now it’s ok for me to get excited about Christmas!  Here is the first of my Gift Guides :-)

1. Guylian Luxury Belgian Collection: Do I even need to explain why this is in here?  Everyone loves Guylian and this box is massive! £16.99 for 517g 

2. Dubliner Irish Whiskey: I think I end up buying whiskey every year for one or more of the men in my family!  Dubliner is apparently a blend of honeycomb, caramel and whiskey flavours so it sounds like a whiskey I might actually like myself!  RRP £19.49.

3. Coole Swan:  Irish Cream Liqueur which includes Single Malt Irish Whiskey and real chocolate and is lovely in hot chocolate.  You can also use in cocktails and desserts.

4. Cherizena Christmas Coffee:  This coffee is flavoured with rum, nuts and spice and is available as beans or ground, regular or decaffeinated.  A great present for coffee lovers!  Find out more on the Facebook pageRRP £3 for 115g

5. Lindor Stracciatella: These limited edition truffles are delicious – nice and creamy with little bits of crunchy cocoa nibs.  Very morish!  RRP 4.59 for 200g

6. Cotswold Gold Infusions:  These rape seed oils are brilliant for people who are into cooking.  I got a gift pack for Nick which includes garlic, chilli and cumin flavoured oils and he loves them.  You can buy online and there is also a big list of stockists here.

7. Malibu Snowcoco: This is the perfect drink for Malibu lovers with little flakes of coconut floating around which make the bottle look like a snow globe! You can also get some wintery cocktails from the Facebook page. RRP £14.75


Instagram Round Up #5

1. Halloween nails.
2. Tasty Maltesers hot chocolate.
3. International Street Market in Aberdeen.
4. Lunch in Giraffe.
5. Nick enjoying his Pic ‘n’ Mix before going in to see Skyfall!
6. Fireworks on the beach.
7. Suprise from Nick when I came in from work on my birthday!
8. Super cute cupcake bath bomb.
9. Pearls from my mum & stepdad for my birthday :-)


Wedding Hair from THX

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram might know that I went back to Cardiff last weekend for the wedding of one of my best friends.  It was a really lovely day and the bride looked so beautiful!  We were so lucky with the weather as well – it was sunny all day and warm enough to wear our dresses outside for all of the photos.  It felt more like June than October!

Anyway, the reason for the post, other than showing you some wedding photos, is to tell you about how I did my hair. As you probably already know I have really curly hair naturally but it tends to be much curlier at the front and annoyingly flat at the back.  For a while now I’ve been looking for some tongs to get the back of my hair to match up with the front and I finally got around to getting some just in time for the wedding.  I went with the THX Hold Tight 19mm Curling Tongs which you can get from Tesco for the bargain price of £21.94.  The tongs heat up really quickly and you can start off with them not too hot and keep increasing the heat until you find the one that works for your hair which is great if, like me, you are paranoid about burning your hair!  The barrel is the exact right size to match my curls at the front which makes the back look much more natural.  You can see from this photo how curly the front is (sorry about the colour – it gets dark early up here in Aberdeen so there is no daylight left when I get home from work!). The other photo shows the back of my hair after I’ve used the tongs on the top layer. It makes the back less flat and the curls more defined.I’m so pleased with these tongs at would definitely recommend them!

Has anyone else tried anything from the THX range?


Instagram Round Up #4

1. Snuggly microwaveable slippers.
2. Giant panda at Edinburgh Aiport.
3. So many OPI polishes at the airport!
4. Nails Inc Nail Jewellery.
5. Bridesmaids flowers at my friend’s wedding.
6. My cat Midnight.
7. Lovely autumn colours.
8. Gorgeous new Zing Organics candle.
9. Finished my Cath Kidston rose hand cream
10. … and rediscovered Sranrom hand cream.
11. Started snowing while I was in work!
12. Snow settled in the evening.
13. Impressive waves at Stonehaven!
14. Surfers who must have been freezing seeing at the day before it was snowing!
15. Cute harbour at Stonehaven.
16. My first ever deep fried Mars bar!



Instagram Round Up #3

1. Gradient nails.
2. Chocolate from Nick after he ate my Maltesers!
3. Sangria at La Tasca.
4. Cupcakes for the charity bake sale in work.
5. Out for a walk up a hill near Aberdeen.
6. Relaxing bath with Aromatherapy Associates Bath Oils.
7. Finally found some frames for the pictures in our bedroom.
8. Sparkly nails!
9. Galaxy hot chocolate with cream on a rainy day.


Thailand – Part 4

After visiting Koh Phangan we took the catamaran to Koh Tao.  We stayed in a lovely hotel but only really had one full day on the island so didn’t get to see all that much of it.  During our one day we went on a snorkeling trip around the island where we stopped in some beautiful bays and saw some amazing fish and coral.  As part of the trip we also went to a private island called Koh Nang Yuan which was stunning!Unfortunately, the day after the snorkeling trip I came down with food poisoning, as did the rest of our group except for Nick!  It was horrible especially as we were taking the catamaran to Koh Samui and I get sea sick at the best of times!  Luckily we didn’t have much planned for Koh Samui so I didn’t miss too much for the two days I was ill.  Our hotel was so nice but there wasn’t much nearby which meant we mainly spent our last five days relaxing by the pool which was literally right by the sea.  It was the perfect end to our busy holiday!
On another note, visit my Twitter page to enter the fab competition I’m running together with The Thumbs Up to win a Glamoriser straightener / curling tongs!


Instagram Round Up #2

1. Amazing cupcake stall!
2. Leopard print nails.
3. Double rainbow as I left work.
4. Hallway of our new flat complete with dinosaur fairy lights!
5. Chocolate tower in the shopping centre.
6. Coconut & lime cupcake with chocolate fudge icing.
7 & 8. Our first visit to Aberdeen beach.
9. Grey, rainy morning.

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