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Parrot Print Dress

A few weeks ago I came across a fabulous website called Not On The High Street.  They have so many lovely things from clothes and shoes to home and garden stuff.  I could so easily spend hundreds buying things for my new flat!  I’ve just moved into my first unfurnished flat so most of my stuff comes from Ikea – I would love to get a few of the bits from this website to make it a little more unique.  In the end, after hours of browsing, I couldn’t resist the cute Parrot Print Dress by Instant Vintage.  I’m always a bit nervous ordering clothes online as I often end up having to send things back because they don’t fit right.  Fortunately this dress fits me perfectly and I love it! Parrot Print Dress Instant VintageParrot Print Dress Instant VintageParrot Print Dress Instant VintageParrot Print Dress Instant VintageParrot Print Dress Instant VintageI will definitely be back on this website to pick up some little extras for my flat!

ps… sorry for the rubbish photo in the mirror – I live on my own and don’t own a fancy camera with a timer/tripod so this is the best I could do!



In the run up to Christmas I saw loads of adverts for a website called Semichem which I had never heard of before.  I had a look at the website and ended up ordering the Lanvin L’Homme Sport aftershave as a gift.  Semichem sell beauty products, perfume/aftershave and makeup.  They also have a slightly random “House” section which has things like air fresheners, bin bags and batteries!  Semichem has a big range of brands from Rimmel and Dove to DKNY and fcuk.  There are some really great offers and you get free delivery if you spend over £25.  The aftershave I ordered was dispatched really quickly and was packaged well so there was no chance that it would have smashed in the post.  I hate it when things aren’t packaged properly – I ordered my work Secret Santa gift from Play and it arrived with the cardboard box all broken so looked like I was giving my Secret Santa a gift I had left over from last year!  Anyway, back to Semichem… I will definitely be using Semichem again, there are some brilliant deals and I had really good service.



A few weeks ago I ordered a canvas from HelloCanvas who I hadn’t actually heard of before but they are apparently the worlds largest creator of photo on canvas prints.  I’ve been so impressed with them – my canvas arrived really quickly and it looks good.  I wasn’t sure that the photo I chose would work on canvas but I actually really like it.  It’s one of the photos we took in Thailand and it’s nice to have a memory of our holiday on the wall.  Not that it is actually on the wall yet – I’m going to give it to Nick for Christmas!

Our canvas is 50x70cm and cost £37.  HelloCanvas do lots of other sizes though ranging and the prices range from £13 to £99.  HelloCanvas remove red eye and dates for free which is handy and you can get different effects put on your photos.  There is also the option to get a frame.  I like buying gifts like this for people and will definitely use HelloCanvas again!


Yumi Dresses

A few days ago I ordered two dresses from a website called Yumi Direct.  I’d never heard of them before but as both dresses were reduced to just £10, I couldn’t resist ordering!  Since I was offered a graduate job a few weeks ago, I have been on the lookout for some suitable work clothes and I thought this dress would be perfect.  I actually wore it out for a meal with Nick last night but I think it will still work when I’m in an office if I wear it with plain tights and a smart jacket.

(Sorry about the fuzzy photo – I got Nick to take it and he was starving so didn’t really do a great job as he was in such a rush to leave the house!)  I was surprised by the texture of the dress when it arrived as it looked completely plain in the online photo but I actually quite like it.

The second dress I ordered didn’t fit but the website do free returns so it was easy enough to send it back.  I can’t seem to find the dresses I ordered online any more but they were in the sale so I guess they sold out.  I’m definitely going to look at Yumi every now and again for more clothes!


Celtic Sheepskin

Celtic Sheepskin have some really lovely wintery clothes, shoes and accessories but you need to be quick to order in time for Christmas.  As long as your order is placed by 2pm today you’ll be guaranteed delivery for Christmas.

1. Classic Sheepskin Boots, £140

2. Longline Cable Tunic, £120

3. Verbier Hat, £98

4. Jacquard Wristwarmers, £23

5. Donegal Crew Neck Jumper, £70

6. Baby Booties, £15

As you can see, the stuff sold by Celtic Sheepskin is quite expensive but it’s good quality and sheepskin is very warm and cosy!


TreatHer or TreatHim

Here are two websites with lots of Christmas ideas!

TreatHer, as you would probably expect from the name, has gifts for women and TreatHim has gifts for men.  There are so many different sorts of gift it’s hard to know where to start!  You can get chocolates, jewellery, experiences, beauty products, Christmas hampers and more.  There is also a massive range of prices from £5 going all the way up to nearly £700.  You might think that with so much stuff for sale it would be hard to find anything but the websites are actually really well laid out and you are able to search by occasion, recipient and price to name a few.  This helps you quickly narrow down your search.  Both websites follow the same format so once you’ve found your way around one you’ll be able to use the other in exactly the same way.

1. Cinderella Chocolate Stiletto, £9.99

2. True Love Heart Necklace, £37.99

3. Scottie Dog Hot Water Bottle Cover, £12.99

4. Vera Wang Love and Devotion Hamper, £239.99!

5. Mensa Pack – Genius Test, £11.99

6. Born to Gold, Forced to Work Coaster, £7.95

7. Union Jack Frying Pan, £9.99

I actually think that you could probably get something for almost everyone you know just from these two sites so it’s well worth a look.  There is also free delivery at the moment on orders over £40.


Hot Tuna

I’ve read about Hot Tuna on a few blogs recently so thought I’d check them out to see if I could find Christmas presents for anyone.  Zoe over at Sploz Blogz has got a gorgeous t-shirt from Hot Tuna and Kathryn at TheThumbsUp has found some Christmas gifts as well.

Hot Tuna is an Australian surf brand which has made its way over to the UK and they sell clothes for both men and women.  I love how bright their clothes are – they make me think of summer, even the big cosy colourful hoodies!  Apparently there’s a whole list of celebrities who wear Hot Tuna – Elle Macpherson, Vanessa Hudgens, Michelle Rodriguez, Lily Allen, Lindsay Lohan, Carl Barat, The Horrors, Chris Martin and The Saturdays.  I also noticed this Jaws t-shirt on Hollyoaks last week!

Anyway, I’ve found loads of stuff so here’s just a selection…..

Has anyone else bought anything from Hot Tuna?


Bonusprint Gifts

A few weeks ago I ordered some Christmas presents from Bonusprint and I’m really pleased with how good they look.

The first thing I got was a calendar for my Nan with photos of her lovely grandchildren! The calendar was so easy to make once I’d chosen the photos and there were a good choice of backgrounds. I love how colourful the calendar is and all of the photos have show up really well. The calendar I chose is A4 size and cost £11.99 plus postage. I preferred using Bonusprint to Albelli which I reviewed here as I didn’t have to download anything and there weren’t quite so many options making it much easier.

I also ordered an acrylic print which I’m so, so, so impressed with! It has turned out tons better than I thought it would! I haven’t got a photo of it here for you as the person it’s for has been known to read my blog!  All you have to do is upload your photo and choose a size so it’s really simple to do. There are 8 sizes available – I ordered the 41x30cm which cost £74.99. They aren’t cheap but the finish is brilliant. The colours are really strong and vibrant and on the photo I’ve chosen there seems to be some sort of effect making it look 3D from some angles! The print didn’t take long at all to be delivered and it was really well packaged so there wasn’t a chance of it being broken in the post.

If you’re stuck for ideas, Bonusprint is without doubt worth having a look at as there are loads of lovely photo gifts at a huge range of prices and the service is really good too.



Earlier this week I bought perfume from Perfume-Click.  I hadn’t heard of them before but they had some good deals and cheap delivery so I went for it.  It’s really easy to find the perfume you want and you can actually buy the perfume in just four clicks so it’s quick too.  My perfume arrived soon after ordering and was well packaged so there was no chance of it smashing in the post.

There are loads of different perfumes including classic scents and celebrity ones and there is plenty of choice in both the For Him and For Her sections.  There are even some perfumes suitable for children!

I think this is a brilliant site and will be probably be using it again very soon for some Christmas presents!



I don’t know if you’ve heard of Graze before but I think it’s a fantastic idea!  Graze is a website which was set up by people from LoveFilm and it’s a similar idea but this time with food – they send a box of healthy but tasty snacks straight to your door.  You can update your profile by rating the food they send you so that they begin to learn your preferences and can send you personalised boxes.  The boxes fit through your letterbox so there’s no signing for deliveries or missing the postman.  It’s a very convenient way to make sure you eat healthily and I really wish I’d thought of it!

All of the food Graze sends out is free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives.  When I  heard that they sent out healthy snacks, I immediately thought seeds!  But don’t worry, there are plenty of other snacks to choose from – nuts, dried fruits, focaccia, olives and even some flapjacks and chocolaty fruit and nut mixes.

The box I received contained four snacks and a personalised card telling me exactly what was in each snack with all of the nutritional information so I could see exactly what I was eating.  I really enjoyed three of the snacks included in my box but wasn’t so keen on the ‘Beach Bum’ which includes banana, mango and coconut.  This isn’t a problem though as I can update my profile to say that I don’t want to be sent it again.

Graze boxes cost £3.49 each and there is no delivery charge.  There are a few different delivery combinations and you can cancel your boxes at any time.  It is also really easy to move your deliveries around if you are going away or just want to change your delivery schedule.  Anyone who finds themselves snacking on rubbish throughout the day should definitely consider trying a Graze box!

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