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Gyro Zoomer

I think this remote control helicopter is brilliant!  Even the name sounds exciting – ‘Gyro Zoomer Mini R/C Helicopter’.  (It’s from the same website as the spa bath lights I wrote about last week, ParamountZone.  They actually do seem to have something for everyone and have a very handy gift finder to help you search though all of their stuff!)

Anyway, back to the helicopter……. The box says it’s ‘possibly the world’s smallest mini gyro helicopter’ and I’ve got to admit it is quite small and very cute!  I’m quite worried about crashing it and breaking it though as I don’t have very good spatial awareness so am not great at working the remote control.  The box does say it is ‘very easy to control’ so most people probably wouldn’t have a problem with this!  It is supposed to be for ages 14+ because of the small parts but I think lots of grownups would find this quite a fun Christmas pressie (my boyfriend would I’m sure).  The remote control is very official looking but one downside is that it requires 6AA batteries which aren’t included, so it might be an idea to buy these as well if you’re giving to someone for Christmas as they will almost definitely want to play with it straight away!


Christmas Tree Decorations

Here are some cute baubles to decorate your tree with this Christmas…..

Waterford Crystal have a range of decorations including this beautiful snowflake.  I love it as it’s simple and not over the top but still looks lovely, especially when all of the fairy lights sparkle through it.  It comes in quite a sturdy box which you can use to store it over the years and the box is nice enough that you could give the bauble as a gift.





This decoration made by Wedgewood China is more traditional.  It’s really pretty and is quite pale so stands out well against the dark green of the tree.  Wedgewood China have a number of other Christmas tree baubles, all based around a similar sort of pattern and colour scheme.

Although these are really lovely baubles, they are not the sort of thing you’d decorate your whole tree in as they are quite pricey.  The Waterford Crystal snowflake is £35 while the Wedgewood China one is cheaper at £17.50.  However, they are perfect if you are looking for a special, stand out Christmas decoration this year.


Spa Bath Lights

I’ve noticed that a lot of places are selling spa lights for your bath so I thought I’d try some out.  I’ve got a set of 2 from a website called ParamountZone.  They are AMAZING!  The lights are bigger than I expected them to be and are nicely designed with silver frames and no annoying switches – you just press the front to switch them on.  You can either stick them to the edge of the bath (they are waterproof, don’t worry!) or have them floating on top of the water.  The lights phase gradually through 7 colours which make the bath glow.  They really make your bath seem much more relaxing and spa like and are quite hypnotic to stare at!  If you are a bath person you will love these!



The Snuggie is a fleecy blanket with sleeves which is perfect for snuggling up on the sofa with a hot drink or a book as you can stay warm and still use your arms.  I’ve also found myself wearing the blanket while working in my freezing cold attic bedroom!  When I got the Snuggie out of the box (I’ll get to the design of the box in a minute), I was a bit disappointed as it is very thin so I wasn’t sure if it would be warm enough.  However, after trying it out, I can assure you that this is not the case!  I’ve got to be honest; I really don’t like the design of the box at all.  It looks really cheap and as well as the photo you can see on this post, there is a photo of a family, all wearing Snuggies, watching a football match – so cheesy!  I don’t suppose it really matters about the box though as you’ll probably just chuck it away as soon as you’ve got the Snuggie out, but I do think some people may be put off by the box design.  One other thing, it would be good if you could get the Snuggie in a few more colours.

I think the Snuggie does its job really well and has been keeping me nice and ‘snug’ for the past few weeks!  Has anyone else got a Snuggie?  What do you think of them?


Folio Champagne Flutes

How nice are these Champagne glasses?!

They are Waterford Crystal and are part of a new range of glasses called Folio 1, designed by John Rocha.  The glasses come in packs of two for £55 and are available from House of Fraser (also Selfridges and Harrods if you are in London).

I love the swirly pattern which is not too over the top but still makes them stand out.  The glasses are tall and slim and look really elegant.  The Folio 1 range also includes both red and white wine glasses as well as water glasses so there’s the opportunity to get the whole set – although if I had to pick just one pair, it would without doubt be the Champagne flutes which are stunning!


SilkPerfect Pur

I’ve heard before that using a silk pillow case can help reduce frizzy hair when you wake up and now I know firsthand that it’s true. It also stops you waking up with pillow creases on your face! The SilkPerfect Pur pillowcase which I’ve been using has cotton inside to stop it slipping off your pillow so it’s comfy to sleep on. I don’t really like the look of the pillowcase but that’s just my personal taste and it really does stop frizz so has got to be worth it!


Dodo-Pad Wall Calendar

I love my Dodo-Pad Academic Diary so was pleased to find out that they also make a Wall Calendar.  Each page has space to write down what’s happening for the next 7 days.  I think there’s enough space to write everything down but that would obviously depend on how much you do and how big your family is!  If you don’t have enough room, there is the option to hang the calendar in a different way so that you get two pages for a week instead of one page.  The calendar also has a forward planner which will come in handy towards the end of the year and an ‘Indispensable Data’ page where you can write down important addresses and phone numbers.  I love how bright and colourful the Dodo-Pad range is – every page has a different design, so makes organising almost fun!


LOVE Aviator Jacket

I love my new jacket from LOVE!  It is a Beige Aviator Jacket lined with fluffy wooly stuff and is soooo cosy.  I’m the sort of person who is always cold in winter and this is the only jacket I’ve ever worn which actually makes me feel too warm at times!  It fits quite well although it’s not the most flattering as it’s quite puffy.  I don’t really care though as it is such a lovely jacket and keeps me nice and warm.  The jacket is really well made and looks like it will last for years – I really hope it will.

The website has lots of other good clothes although don’t mass produce them so you need to snap them up quickly before they’re sold out.  You can also buy the clothes in Topshop concessions.  One thing I don’t like about the LOVE website is that they only do 3 sizes – Small/Medium fits size 8 to 10 and Medium/Large fits size 10 to 12 – so they don’t seem to cater for that many people.

I’m really happy with the jacket and would definitely recommend you having a look at it.  If you’re worried about being too warm, there is also a gilet version as well as a few different coloured aviator jackets so there are options!


Don’t Say It

‘Don’t Say It’ is a brilliant game which can be played by people of all ages (well aged 6 and up according to the box!).  It’s kind of like a speaking ‘Pictionary’ as you have to get your team to guess the word on your card without using the adjectives given.  You have to so this against a timer so it can be quite difficult.  There are also different levels of difficulty depending on how old the players are.  The game is great fun and is good as it doesn’t last for ages and ages like ‘Monopoly’ can do!  I think it’s a fab game especially as there is no maximum number of players so everyone can join in and it’s much cheaper than lots of other games.


Gtech Cordless Floor Cleaner

The Gtech Cordless Floor Sweeper is basically like a vacuum cleaner but is much smaller and instead of plugging it in you need to charge it every month or so.  I was quite surprised to find that it is just as good, if not better, than our normal hoover.  It is really easy to store as it is so little which also makes it very easy to carry up the stairs!  You can use the sweeper on all floor types – carpet, wooden, tiled – and it is very low to the ground so can get underneath lots of the furniture that a traditional hoover can’t.  You can even remove the plastic cover at the front so that you can clean the stairs better.  The dust tray is very easy to empty although it is not as big as a normal hoover so you’d probably need to empty it every time you hoover.  The sweeper is also energy efficient and runs for 60 minutes on one charge.  I’ve not used it for 60 minutes in one go yet but as the sweeper does everything else it says on the packet, I’d definitely trust that it does keep going for that long!

I’ve been really impressed by the sweeper so would certainly recommend it, especially as it costs only £49.95 which is cheaper than most hoovers.

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