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Botanicals Beautiful Hands Serum

The Beautiful Hands Anti Aging Serum from Botanicals is a real treat to use. I am a little bit addicted to hand cream so was extremely excited when this serum arrived at through the door! imageThe first thing I love about the serum is the packaging. The little bottle with the pipette is just so cute! The scent is fabulous too, a mixture of rosehip and frankincense …… It reminds me of relaxing in a spa…. I mainly use the serum on its own but sometimes I use it before a hand cream for some extra moisture. It costs £13.95 for a 10ml bottle. It sounds like 10ml would be finished in no time but as the serum is so concentrated, a little goes a really long way. Much further than a normal hand cream. I have been using it every few days for nearly two months now and have only got through about 1/8th of the bottle! I can’t recommend it enough!


Sally Hansen Miracle Growth Serum

I have been taking a break from nail varnish recently in the hope of strengthening my nails and repairing some of the damage done by my almost constant nail varnish wearing. To help me along the way, I have been using the Sally Hansen Miracle Growth Serum.
image I didn’t want to spend loads of money on a treatment I wasn’t sure would work but I was lucky enough to find this for just £4.99 on Amazon. You apply the serum to your nails using the pipette. It has the texture of a thick gel so doesn’t run all over your nails. It stays sitting nicely on your nails until you rub it in over your cuticles and nails themselves. I have been pretty impressed with the serum. After using it daily for a few weeks, my nails are definitely stronger and the ends are less flakey. I have also noticed that they are growing faster and my cuticles are looking a lot less dry. You can use the serum right before applying nail varnish as well which means that your nails stay in better condition under the colour. Definitely a product that works and I would have been happy if I had paid full price!


Seche Vite


For quite a long time now I have been reading about how brilliant the Seche Vite base and top coats are but I’ve always stuck to the Nail Inc Caviar top and base coats. I’ve finally made the switch and am very impressed with Seche Vite! They give my nails pretty much the same glossy effect as the Nails Inc polishes but they seem to be more hardwearing and keep my nail colours chip free for a couple of days longer. Plus I really love how fast they dry! They are slightly more expensive than Nails Inc but I think they are worth it for me as it means I don’t need to redo my nails mid week!


NOTW: Kiss Nail Wraps

This was my first time using nail wraps. I love the jeweled design of these wraps from Kiss but I really struggled to use them! I must have really small nails as it took me ages to cut the strips to the right width and then trim them to the right length. They looked a bit of a mess up close – I found it impossible to cut them into the shape I wanted! Kiss Nail Wraps Kiss Nail WrapsIt must have taken me an hour to do but the packet says “On in minutes”. The packet also said that they should last up to 10 days but unfortunately mine lasted less than a day. That was probably due to how badly I applied them though, so I am going to have another go with the second design in the packet soon! If you want to try these nail wraps you can get them from Asda for £5.98.


NOTW: Disco Mix

I love this nail polish (Disco Mix by Models Own)!  It is completely opaque in just two coats and as it’s a glitter polish it stays put for ages.  The only downside is that it is pretty hard to remove but I definitely think it’s worth the effort!Models Own Disco Mix


Holiday Essentials

Holiday essentialsSun cream – This year I’m trying the Piz Buin sun cream which can be applied to wet skin so will be good for using after a swim.  I’ve also got the Oriflame Sun Zone Lotion for Face and Body which I plan to use on my face as it’s not quite as oily as the Piz Buin!

Insect repellent – I usually get horribly bitten on holiday (unless I am with my blonde sister – all the bugs love her!) so always smother myself with insect repellent.  I used Ultrathon last year when I was in Kos and barely got any bites so have decided to use the same brand this year.  I hope it works as well!

Deodorant – Everyone needs a good deodorant, especially when it’s hot and sunny.  I am taking the Sure Maximum Protection with me which is twice as strong as most deodorants and doesn’t smell too strong.

UV protection for hair – My hair does not like hot weather!  The sun dries it out completely and makes it even more frizzy than usual.  I am really excited to use the Tints of Nature’s Seal and Shine Leave-In Conditioner which smells amazing and as well as being a conditioner also has UV and chlorine protection.

Foot file – To keep my feet looking smooth I am taking an S-Ped foot file.  It’s a much better shape than other foot files so is easier to use.

Nail varnish – As you know I am addicted to nail polish.  I tend to use a pale colour on holiday so that it’s not too obvious when it chips.  This year I’m taking Models Own Indian Ocean which I got from Littlewoods.  It’s a gorgeous colour and perfect for summer!

Shower gel – I love the new range of Radox shower gels!  Coconut Kiss is my favourite scent but Berry Burst and Cherry Blast are lovely too.


NOTW: Flower Power

I was looking for a bright green nail polish in Superdrug the other day but all I could find was Barry M Spring Green which wasn’t quite as bright as I was hoping for.  I bought it anyway even though I knew it wasn’t quite the right colour and although I like the cute flowers I stamped on, I wasn’t a massive fan of the colour.  What do you think?Barry M Spring Green 20130430_074807


Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream

I had this Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream free in the April edition of Marie Claire and I really love it.  It’s my current favourite hand cream is equally as good as my all time favourite – the Cath Kidston Rose Hand CreamThe Bee Lovely hand cream is made with organic honey and orange essential oil so it smells amazing.  It sinks in really quickly so is a good one to keep in your bag from when you’re out and about.  The hand cream costs £10 for 50ml and 25p from that will go to a Bee Lovely charity to help protect the bees.


NOTW: Stamping

For Christmas my mum got me a few stamping plates so I ordered the Konad Special Nail Art Polish and the Double Side Stamp Set and set to work.  The plates themselves are really easy to use with the stamper and there are lots of different designs to choose from.  I was really surprised at how quickly I did my nails seeing as I had never done anything so fancy with my nails!  They looked really good until I applied the top coat.The first nail smudged so I left the rest for a few hours and went back to them – the top coat still smudged!  I don’t know why as they were definitely completely dry!  Must be something to do with the nail art polish.  Even though the pattern is a little smudged you still get the idea of the design from the photos – what do you think of them?  Have you ever used stamping plates?


NOTW: Layering

Here I have used the Andrea Fulerton Trio Layering System which is a set of two colours that can be worn together or separately.  I really like the two colours combined but I think I’d prefer it if the green glitter flecks were in a clear varnish rather than purple so it could be worn over more different colours.  The blue colour is the exact same colour as Rimmel Green With Envy which is one of my favourite ever nail polishes.  I think the layering system is a great idea as it saves you having to think up colour combinations for yourself!You can buy the layering system from John Lewis for £7.99.

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