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Baldwin’s Natural Beauty Products

I have fallen completely in love with a set of products from Baldwin & Co! Baldwins is one of the largest suppliers of medicinal herbs, essential oils and natural products in the UK and was first established in 1844. I have been using the Green Tea & Frankincense Exfoliating Facial Scrub, the Pomegranate, Bilberry & Rose Rejuvenating Day Cream and the Harmonising Bath Oil.
Green Tea & Frankincense Exfoliating Facial Scrub
This scrub is, I think, the thickest facial scrub I have ever used. You need literally the tiniest amount and when it is applied to wet skin it spreads out over your whole face. The scrub has bamboo particles, rounded nut granules and birch bark extract as the scrub part and also has moisturising candellia wax beads. The combination of these ingredients gives the scrub a gorgeous smell – sometimes I just open the tub for a sniff even when I am not planning on using it! I have been using the scrub a couple of times a week but it is gentle enough to use more often if you need to.

Pomegranate, Bilberry & Rose Rejuvenating Day Cream
Again, this face cream is really thick and you only need a very small amount. It also smells amazing, I love the smell of rose and the other ingredients give it a more unique smell than just plain rose. The day cream is suitable for all skin types and contains kiwi seed oil and blackcurrant on top of the pomegranate and bilberry, which help keep your skin soft. It also features a blend of honeybush, green and white tea which contains anti oxidants to protect skin from free-radicals. I am never really sure what this actually means but I gather it is a good thing!

Harmonising Bath Oil
You can probably guess what I am going to say about this… It smells fantastic! A blend of lavender, marjoram and geranium which is perfect to help you relax after a long day. I love it!

I am so glad I have discovered Baldwins. I much prefer using natural products so am looking forward to exploring their website a bit more. I often find that natural products are quite expensive but these are a really reasonable price, £8.49 for a 60ml tub of the scrub, £11.95 for the moisturiser and £7.39 for 100ml of bath oil.


Skin Shop Cardiospermum Gel

I suffer from pretty bad hay fever throughout the summer and one symptom I have is itchy skin. I get itchy patches on my chest and arms and also have extremely itchy eyes. Recently, I was sent some Cardiospermum Gel from Skin Shop to try out.
I have got both the one designed specifically for eyes and the one for the rest of the body. I really like the body one. It is so cool and soothing to apply, and even though the effects don’t last very long, it still feels really nice not to be itchy for half hour or so. It does calm down very itchy patches quite well and takes out the majority of the redness, but it doesn’t totally get rid of itching so don’t expect a miracle cure!

I am not such a bit fan of the eye gel. It has the same effect as the body version but I find that it is no better than the Simple Revitalising Eye Roll On which I have been using for a while now. The Simple version is nicer to apply as it has a roller ball applicator which feels even more cooling than the gel. I also find that the Cardiospermum eye gel leaves a sticky residue which I am not too keen on. If you suffer from itchy skin, I would definitely recommend giving the body gel a try but am personally not sold on the eye gel version. You can buy both products from Skin Shop, the body gel for £9.95 and the eye gel for £6.95.


Dr Renaud Mango Hand and Nail Cream

My newest hand cream is the Dr Renaud Mango Hand and Nail Cream.


I am not too fussed on the packaging and I don’t think I would have given this a second glance if I hadn’t have tried, and been impressed by, other Dr Renaud products. As is happens, this hand cream is fantastic. It smells wonderful and fruity and has helped out my dry cuticles which have recently been protesting about the amount of nail polish I wear! It is a very rich hand cream and does take around 10 minutes to sink in completely but I am more than happy to wait that long as it really is moisturising and is making my nails look much stronger and healthier. This hand cream costs £13.30 for 75ml and is available online.


Pulpe de Vie

I have been lucky enough to try out some wonderful products from Pulpe de Vie. The Tickle Me Body Scrubbing Butter is the perfect product to make you feel sunny. It’s creamy apricot scent is lovely and it really works too.

The apricot kernels, which actually do the scrubbing, gently buff your skin leaving it beautifully smooth. I love the thick texture of the scrub which makes it feel luxurious and more substantial than other scrubs I have tried.
I was also sent a couple of sachets of the Luscious Glow moisturiser. It is a body milk which gives your skin a hint of shimmer. It has a pretty strong grapefruit scent which might be a little off putting to some, but I really like it personally.

You can buy Pulpe de Vie products online at Absolutely Divine. Tickle Me costs £14 for 125ml and Luscious Glow is £17.90 for 150ml.
After trying these two Pulpe de Vie products I am looking forward to discovering more of their range.


Lush Peace Massage Bar

The Lush Peace Massage Bar is my new favourite moisturiser! It contains shea butter and cocoa butter, both of which are super hydrating and smell amazing. The idea of the massage bar is that it melts into an oil as you massage your skin and it works best if you use it straight after a nice hot bath.

The name of the massage bar comes from the fact that the cocoa butter used in the bar comes from the Peace Villages of San Jose de Apatardo in Colombia. The Peace Villages are a cooperative who have chosen to step out of the civil war in their country and live peacefully off the land. The Fair Trade olive oil used in the bar comes from Sindyanna Women’s Cooperative in the Galilee.

The massage bar costs £6.95 for 50g. I will definitely be buying it again!


Primavera Bath Oil

I love a hot bubble bath to relax but recently have been trying out the Primevera Bath Oil in Ginger & Lime. Before I tried the Aromatherapy Associates Mini Bath and Shower Oils a couple of years ago now, I had convinced myself that I didn’t like bath oils and never went near them. I still don’t like all bath oils but the Primevera Bath Oil is just as good as the Arometherapy Associates version. It smells so good that it makes up for the lack of bubbles and I love that you don’t need to use moisturiser as it is really hydrating. And it leaves your skin scented for a few hours afterwards.Primavera Bath Oil

You can buy the bath oil here for £15 for 100ml. There are also other flavours if Ginger & Lime isn’t your cup of tea. I think the price is really good considering that the Aromatherapy Associates bath oils costs £39 for 55ml and would definitely recommend it.


MuLondon White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream

First things first – this smells amazing! The MuLondon White Chocoalte Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream is based on shea butter and also includes jojoba oil and coconut butter. It is really great for keeping elbows soft and helping with cracked skin on heels. Cocoa extracts and bourbon vanilla are used to fragrance the cream naturally and it doesn’t contain any mineral oils, parabens, silicones or other man-made chemicals. The cream costs £19 for 60ml and is a really luxurious product that works brilliantly!MuLondon White Chocolate Elbow Balm MuLondon White Chocolate Elbow Balm


Gamila Secret Beauty Bars

Gamila Secret Beauty Bars are a range of 100% natural soaps made in Galilee, Israel. They are made from cold pressed olive oil and a selection of herbs by Gamila, who was taught to read nature with her hands and senses by her blind father. There are a range of 10 different soaps which are suitable for different skin types.Gamila Secret Beauty Bar Gamila Secret Beauty Bar Gamila Secret Beauty Bar Gamila Secret Beauty BarGamila Secret Beauty BarI have the Soothing Geranium version which is for combination skin. The second I opened the box I fell in love with the bar – the smell is just gorgeous! Having the bar open in my shower makes the whole room smell lovely! The soap itself is also really good – I’ve used it on my face as a cleanser, as a body wash and as a shaving cream. At £21 per bar I don’t think it’s the sort of soap I would buy often, but I think it would make a great gift for someone or a nice treat for yourself! You can buy the bars from selected House of Fraser stores on their website.


Holiday Essentials

Holiday essentialsSun cream – This year I’m trying the Piz Buin sun cream which can be applied to wet skin so will be good for using after a swim.  I’ve also got the Oriflame Sun Zone Lotion for Face and Body which I plan to use on my face as it’s not quite as oily as the Piz Buin!

Insect repellent – I usually get horribly bitten on holiday (unless I am with my blonde sister – all the bugs love her!) so always smother myself with insect repellent.  I used Ultrathon last year when I was in Kos and barely got any bites so have decided to use the same brand this year.  I hope it works as well!

Deodorant – Everyone needs a good deodorant, especially when it’s hot and sunny.  I am taking the Sure Maximum Protection with me which is twice as strong as most deodorants and doesn’t smell too strong.

UV protection for hair – My hair does not like hot weather!  The sun dries it out completely and makes it even more frizzy than usual.  I am really excited to use the Tints of Nature’s Seal and Shine Leave-In Conditioner which smells amazing and as well as being a conditioner also has UV and chlorine protection.

Foot file – To keep my feet looking smooth I am taking an S-Ped foot file.  It’s a much better shape than other foot files so is easier to use.

Nail varnish – As you know I am addicted to nail polish.  I tend to use a pale colour on holiday so that it’s not too obvious when it chips.  This year I’m taking Models Own Indian Ocean which I got from Littlewoods.  It’s a gorgeous colour and perfect for summer!

Shower gel – I love the new range of Radox shower gels!  Coconut Kiss is my favourite scent but Berry Burst and Cherry Blast are lovely too.


Calcot Manor Summer Range

I love the products from the Calcot Manor summer range. I’ve been using the Lazy Evening Gentle Salt Scrub (RRP £3.99 for 350ml) and the Lazy Evening Dry Oil Body Spray (RRP £4.99 for 200ml) for the last few weeks.  Both of them smell fantastic and the oil is really hydrating.  Calcot Manor Lazy Evening Gentle Salt ScrubCalcot Manor Lazy Evening Gentle Salt ScrubCalcot Manor Lazy Evening Dry OilCalcot Manor Lazy Evening Dry OilI think the packaging makes them look much more expensive than they really are and I will definitely be trying more from the range!  You can buy the products in Tesco or in Calcot Spa in The Calcot Manor which looks like an amazing hotel!

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