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The Country Candle Company

The Country Candle Company are based in Wiltshire, England where they create beautifully scented and packaged candles. I have two of their candles from the Celebrations collection. The Country Candle Company The Country Candle CompanyThe Tonka Bean and Vanilla one is my favourite – it also has hints of cinnamon and clove so is a gorgeous Christmas candle without being overly Christmassy, if you know what I mean! The Black Pomegrannate scent is also lovely – it is fruity and reminds me of summer. I think the packaging is really cute and am suprised at how good these candles are as they are so reasonably priced – just £5.99 for a candle that burns for around 20 hours. The Country Candle Company have lots of collections on their website, all well priced and with pretty packaging – I have a long list of ones I want to try next!


Front Cover Mini Lipstick

Front Cover Mini Lipsticks are the perfect size for me as I have never finished a whole tube of lipstick. I’m not good at remembering to apply it throughout the day and only put it on a couple of mornings a week. Seeing as the tube was pretty small and the price is low (just £4), I thought I would try a colour I would never usually go for if I was buying a full sized tube. Front Cover Mini LipstickFront Cover Mini Lipstick Strawberry Glaze is a really bright pink which I do like but am not convinced it really suits me! I’ve been wearing it on top of lip balm to tone down the colour a bit! I’ve noticed that because there is no shimmer to the lipstick, it shows up any flaws like dry skin on my lips. I’m glad I’ve tried the colour and think the range is a great way to try out new colours without committing to a full sized tube.


Instagram Round Up #17

Instagram1. New flowers for the balcony
2. Lime, cardamom and pistachio cupcakes
3. Homemade chocolate birthday cake
4. Amazing sunrise!
5. Lovely weather and a bright blue sea
6. Trying out some metallic polishes
7. Sculpture on the beach at Stonehaven
8. Went to a fab cupcake cafe!
9. Holo glitter polish


Lime & Cardamom Cupcakes

A few weeks ago I made a batch of cardamom, lime and pistachio cupcakes. I used this recipe and they were really delicious and quite unique! The only change I made was to make lime buttercream for the topping which I did by mixing 250g of icing sugar into 75g unsalted butter and then grating in the zest of 1 lime. What do you think?Cardamom, lime, pistachio cupcakes Cardamom, lime, pistachio cupcakes


Lovea Yellow Clay Mask

Last year I bought the Lovea Pink Clay mask from MyPure which was fantastic. My skin has been feeling a bit dry recently so I decided to give the yellow clay mask a go instead as it’s suitable for dry skin. Lovea Pink Clay Mask Lovea Pink Clay MaskI had really high hopes for it, so was very disappointed when the first time I used it I came out in an allergic reaction! I had to throw the whole tube in the bin! I’ve had allergic reactions to a few products over the last couple of years but can’t figure out what is causing them. I will definitely be sticking with the pink clay from now on!


NOTW: Kiss Nail Wraps

This was my first time using nail wraps. I love the jeweled design of these wraps from Kiss but I really struggled to use them! I must have really small nails as it took me ages to cut the strips to the right width and then trim them to the right length. They looked a bit of a mess up close – I found it impossible to cut them into the shape I wanted! Kiss Nail Wraps Kiss Nail WrapsIt must have taken me an hour to do but the packet says “On in minutes”. The packet also said that they should last up to 10 days but unfortunately mine lasted less than a day. That was probably due to how badly I applied them though, so I am going to have another go with the second design in the packet soon! If you want to try these nail wraps you can get them from Asda for £5.98.


HD Brows Palette

The HD Brows palette has been around for a while now and I’d heard great things about it so thought it would be worth trying. I’ve got very blonde eyebrows that you basically can’t see unless I use something on them. I rarely do that as most eyebrow products are too dark and just look wrong on my eyebrows! I really like this palette as the two brown shades seem to acutally suit my colouring and don’t make it look as though I’ve drawn my eyebrows on. HD Brow Palette HD Brow Palette HD Brow Palette HD Brow PaletteThe lightest shade is only slightly darker than my natural eyebrow colour so I use that the most often to give some definition, with the white shade which is the perfect highlighter to make my eyebrows pop a little. I do occasionally use the darker brown on my eyebrows but I tend to use it more as an eyeshadow. Personally, I am really bad at doing the whole smokey eye thing but I can see the black being good for that. The palette is available in three shades: ‘Bombshell’ for fair hair and skin (I have this one), ‘Vamp’ for medium hair and skin and ‘Foxy’ for dark hair and skin. It costs £19.96 and is available online.


Yes to Cucumber Cleanser

I’ve tried a few Yes to Cucumber products before and they have always been pretty good and reasonably priced. I got this cleanser from MyPure (they have updated the website recently and it’s so much better now!) for £8.99. It doesn’t actually say on the website but it’s a gel cleanser which I don’t normally buy. I don’t think I would have gone for it if I had known! Yes to Cucumber CleanserYes to Cucumber Cleanser I don’t really know what to say about the cleanser, I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. It feels soothing on my skin when I’m using it but afterwards my skin doesn’t feel any different to usual. I don’t think I will buy this cleanser again but am glad I tried it.


NOTW: Summer Gradient

I wanted to try a more summery theme this week so went with a yellow/orange gradient. After trying gradients a few times, I’ve realised that I’m not very good at them, so I used my Nubar Polka Dot to draw attention away from how rubbish the actual gradient was! The colours I used were Mellow Yellow from 17 as the base, Showgirl by Ciaté for the middle bit and then Models Own Fluro Orange (which I picked up recently from Littlewoods) on the tips.Summer gradient nail art Summer gradient nail art


Gamila Secret Beauty Bars

Gamila Secret Beauty Bars are a range of 100% natural soaps made in Galilee, Israel. They are made from cold pressed olive oil and a selection of herbs by Gamila, who was taught to read nature with her hands and senses by her blind father. There are a range of 10 different soaps which are suitable for different skin types.Gamila Secret Beauty Bar Gamila Secret Beauty Bar Gamila Secret Beauty Bar Gamila Secret Beauty BarGamila Secret Beauty BarI have the Soothing Geranium version which is for combination skin. The second I opened the box I fell in love with the bar – the smell is just gorgeous! Having the bar open in my shower makes the whole room smell lovely! The soap itself is also really good – I’ve used it on my face as a cleanser, as a body wash and as a shaving cream. At £21 per bar I don’t think it’s the sort of soap I would buy often, but I think it would make a great gift for someone or a nice treat for yourself! You can buy the bars from selected House of Fraser stores on their website.

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