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Holiday Essentials

Holiday essentialsSun cream – This year I’m trying the Piz Buin sun cream which can be applied to wet skin so will be good for using after a swim.  I’ve also got the Oriflame Sun Zone Lotion for Face and Body which I plan to use on my face as it’s not quite as oily as the Piz Buin!

Insect repellent – I usually get horribly bitten on holiday (unless I am with my blonde sister – all the bugs love her!) so always smother myself with insect repellent.  I used Ultrathon last year when I was in Kos and barely got any bites so have decided to use the same brand this year.  I hope it works as well!

Deodorant – Everyone needs a good deodorant, especially when it’s hot and sunny.  I am taking the Sure Maximum Protection with me which is twice as strong as most deodorants and doesn’t smell too strong.

UV protection for hair – My hair does not like hot weather!  The sun dries it out completely and makes it even more frizzy than usual.  I am really excited to use the Tints of Nature’s Seal and Shine Leave-In Conditioner which smells amazing and as well as being a conditioner also has UV and chlorine protection.

Foot file – To keep my feet looking smooth I am taking an S-Ped foot file.  It’s a much better shape than other foot files so is easier to use.

Nail varnish – As you know I am addicted to nail polish.  I tend to use a pale colour on holiday so that it’s not too obvious when it chips.  This year I’m taking Models Own Indian Ocean which I got from Littlewoods.  It’s a gorgeous colour and perfect for summer!

Shower gel – I love the new range of Radox shower gels!  Coconut Kiss is my favourite scent but Berry Burst and Cherry Blast are lovely too.


Calcot Manor Summer Range

I love the products from the Calcot Manor summer range. I’ve been using the Lazy Evening Gentle Salt Scrub (RRP £3.99 for 350ml) and the Lazy Evening Dry Oil Body Spray (RRP £4.99 for 200ml) for the last few weeks.  Both of them smell fantastic and the oil is really hydrating.  Calcot Manor Lazy Evening Gentle Salt ScrubCalcot Manor Lazy Evening Gentle Salt ScrubCalcot Manor Lazy Evening Dry OilCalcot Manor Lazy Evening Dry OilI think the packaging makes them look much more expensive than they really are and I will definitely be trying more from the range!  You can buy the products in Tesco or in Calcot Spa in The Calcot Manor which looks like an amazing hotel!


NOTW: Neon Green

I’ve been looking for a bright green for a while now and I’ve finally found it!  Models Own Toxic Apple from their neon range.  I really love it – it’s so bright and summery!Models Own Toxic Apple Models Own Toxic Apple


Slinky Liquid Eyeliner

Back in September I wrote about the Slinky Liquid Liner in a metallic purple called Sugarplum.  Since then I have got another shade from the range, this time a metallic brown called Spicy.  I really love the colour!  I’ve never really found a brown eyeliner I like as much as this – it suits my eyes so much better than black eyeliner.  As I said with the purple, it is really easy to apply, doesn’t smudge during the day but comes off easily using makeup remover.  Perfect! Slinky Liquid Liner Slinky Liquid LinerThe eyeliners cost £10.99 each and there are a range of colours to choose from.  I’m thinking of being adventurous and going for Caribbean Queen next time – what do you think?


NOTW: Barbie Pink!

Pink nail polish doesn’t usually suit my skin tone but I actually really like Models Own Pink Blush.  I think it’s because it’s not a red toned as other pink polishes.  I topped Pink Blush with Models Own Juicy Jules which is similar to the Nubar Hologram Glitter I have but the glitter particles are more obvious which I really like.  I wasn’t sure about the combination at first – it looked a bit too girly with all the pink and the glitter but it ended up really growing on me I didn’t want to take it off! Barbie nailsBarbie nailsBarbie nailsI got these polishes from the Models Own range at Littlewoods – they seem to have stopped selling the exact shades but they still have other pretty colours. There are actually lots of great nail products on, I am really tempted by these nail art pens!


Sherwood Forest

On Friday I got back from a few nights away in Sherwood Forest Center Parcs with my family. I had been in Aberdeen for a course the week before so travelled up to Nottingham on Monday after flying down to Heathrow that morning. When I flew up to Aberdeen the weekend before I‘d left my car at the airport using the Meet & Greet service which I booked through Holiday Extras. This made it so much easier and saved lots of time as I was able to drop off and pick up my car right outside the terminal which saved the hassle of having to get a bus from the long stay car park. Unfortunately my car battery has been playing up recently and my car refused to start when I picked it up but the Meet and Greet staff were able to call someone to get it started for me! When I got to Nottingham I took the car straight to the garage so now it’s all fixed at last!Center Parcs Sherwood Forest Center Parcs Sherwood Forest Center Parcs Sherwood Forest Center Parcs Sherwood Forest Center Parcs Sherwood Forest Center Parcs Sherwood Forest Center Parcs Sherwood ForestAnyway, apart from the car situation I had a really lovely week. I spent a morning with my sister in the Aqua Sana spa which was as relaxing as it always is with lots of different saunas and steam rooms to try out. I also had a Decléor Ultimate Vitamin Glow facial which was amazing. My skin felt so much better afterwards and I got some tips on how to look after it. We were really lucky with the weather and were able to spend lots of time outside. One evening we all went out to Huck’s for a meal – the food was so good and we all ate way too much! Look at the size of the ice cream sundae my sister shared with my step brother – it was supposed to serve 4 to 6 people!!!


Lanolips Lip Ointment

LanolipsJust before Christmas I wrote about the Lanolips 101 Ointment which is the best lip balm I have ever used in my whole entire life.  Lanolips have a range of lip balms perfect for summer which have a hint of colour as well as SPF 15.  They are available in 5 shades: Apples, Rose, Dark Honey, Sunshine and Rhubarb.  I have Apples which is quite a scary looking bright red.  It actually applies a much more pinky red on your lips which I think suits me better than bright red would!  You can build up the colour to make it more obvious if you want as well.  LanolipsI love that it feels just like a lip balm and doesn’t dry my lips out at all.  It also lasts longer than I thought it would – I think I’ve managed to keep it in place for a whole morning before the colour fades.  You can buy the Lanolips Lip Ointments here for £7.99 – I’d totally recommend adding these to your summer makeup collections!


Instagram Round Up #13

Instagram1. Lunch with my sister…
2. Baking cookies with my sister.
3. Zebra nails.
4. Gel nail polish – not too keen on the colour!
5. Nail varnish purchases.
6. New bikini for my holiday :-)
7. Cupcakes…
8. Love this colour! (Models Own neon range)
9. New boots.


Tropic Organic Luxury Oil

Tropic Skincare is the skincare range created by Susan Ma (from The Apprentice) and is 100% natural and organic.  I have been using the Organic Luxury Oil for a couple of months now and was looking forward to trying it on my hair which has been drier than usually recently. Tropic Organic Luxury OilWhen the oil arrived I was surprised to see that it wasn’t runny but then noticed on the bottle a note saying that it can solidify when it gets cold.  As it was delivered when it was snowy, I didn’t think it was unreasonable that it was solid.  It is easy enough to turn it back into a liquid – just leave it in a basin of hot water for a few minutes.  In the few months since I’ve had the oil, there hasn’t been a day where it hasn’t solidified which is getting really annoying and puts me off using it!  Even recently when it’s been up to 24°C, it hasn’t been warm enough for the oil to stay liquid.Tropic Organic Luxury OilI love the design of the bottle and the oil smells lovely and fruity.  It would be such a good product if it wasn’t such an effort melting (is that the right word?) it each time I want to use it!  It means that I can’t just apply a little bit to get rid of frizz before I leave the house in the morning without leaving it in hot water first.  And sometimes in the evenings I am too tired to wait for it to melt to use it as more of an overnight hair mask.  When I do get around to using the oil a few days running it definitely does improve the condition of my hair so I really wish it didn’t solidify all the time!  It seems especially good when I use it overnight.Tropic Organic Luxury OilThe oil costs £25 for 100ml and I would say it is worth it if you don’t mind melting it when you want to use it, or if you live somewhere warmer where it won’t solidify all the time!  The oil itself is brilliant and I barely need to use any to see an effect on my frizz!


The Foster Husband

I’ve just finished reading The Foster Husband by Pippa Wright.  I’ve read a book by her before called Unsuitable Men which I quite enjoyed.  The Foster Husband by Pippa Wright 20130508_182628This one was in the same sort of style – easy to read, fast moving with a bit of humor thrown in. I kind of wish I had saved reading this until I went on holiday as it would make the perfect book to read on the beach!

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