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Beer Bottle Candles

The St Eval Candle Company has loads of lovely candles.  I love the beer bottle candles which smell of lemon and thyme.  There are a few different designs to choose from……

I think everyone would love these candles so they might even make a good Father’s Day present.


Posh Pick & Mix

Posh Pick & Mix, surprisingly, sell pick & mix!  There are three different sized jars you can choose from which are filled with your choice of sweets.  With the smallest jar you can pick 4 different varieties of sweets and with the biggest you can choose 8.  There is a good range of sweets – boiled old fashioned sweets, chocolaty things, chewy sweets……

You can also customise your label so that if you are sending the sweets as a gift, the person will know who they are from.  I had a jar sent to me to give to my dad for Father’s Day but it is so well packed that I could have just had it sent straight to his house.  The jar also comes with a little metal scoop like you get in sweet shops which is a nice touch!


Zhu Zhu Microwaveable Slippers

I know it hasn’t exactly been cold recently but I always seem to have freezing feet so I’ve just got a pair of microwaveable slippers which I’ve wanted for ages!  I LOVE THEM!

My slippers are from Zhu-Zhu and cost £12.99.  They are really quick to heat up – just 1 ½ minutes in the microwave.  The temperature is perfect and the slippers stay warm for a couple of hours at the same time giving off a lovely lavender smell.  I love the cow print design as well, which matches my dressing gown perfectly!  When the slippers first arrived I thought that they looked really big and wasn’t sure if they would fit but they are actually the perfect size and only look big because of the little beans inside which are the bits that heat up.

I almost can’t wait for the winter now as I really want to be able to wear the slippers more often!


e.l.f Giveaway Winner

My e.l.f giveaway is now closed and I’ve picked a random winner!  Thanks to everyone who entered. :-)

The winner is…..


Congratulations Molly, I will send you an email now so you can let me know your address!


Swinky’s Cupcakes

I’m really busy at the moment so haven’t got much time to blog.  Just thought I’d leave you a couple of photos from our delicious lunch at Swinky Sweets……

After Eight cupcake and the best chocolate milkshake I think I've ever tasted!

Knickerbocker Glory cupcake



So, yesterday was my very first attempt at making macaroons.  I was not prepared at all but wanted a break from revision so found a recipe online and off I went.  It wasn’t till after 5 minutes of beating the egg whites (by hand!) that I realised I didn’t have any caster sugar.  I decided to make do with golden sugar and hope it did the same thing?  I also didn’t have any butter to make the buttercream which sticks the two halves together.

I’ve never beaten egg whites until they are ‘stiff and glossy’ so had no idea that it would take as long as it did without an electric whisk!  My arms got really sore so I gave up before they were stiff but they were glossy.  I did my best to pipe them into neat little circles on the baking tray but unfortunately my mixture was far to runny due to the lack of whisking.  Anyway, I bunged them in the oven for 10 minutes like the recipe said.

As soon as I took them out of the oven, most of them cracked on the top.  The ones in the photo on the recipe are perfectly smooth so I’m not sure what went wrong.  I’ve never actually had a macaroon so don’t know what they are supposed to taste like.  Mine were crunchy on the outside but really gooey on the inside – I’m not entirely sure I cooked them for long enough.  They tasted good though and were a pretty blue colour!  I think I will try them again but will definitely need to invest in an electric whisk first!

Photo from recipe

My macaroons - not quite as good!


A’kin PureMAN Face Wash

I’ve bought my boyfriend face washes a few times but the A’kin PureMAN Face Wash from MyPure is the first one he’s actually used for more than a few days and also the only one which he has liked using.

His skin has been looking really good since he started using it and it also feels softer.  The face wash foams up quite well so a little goes a long way and it smells lovely.  The smell of orange, ginseng and spice is quite Christmassy!

I’ve liked all of the A’kin products I’ve tried myself and think I’ve converted Nick who wants to try more of the men’s range!  The face wash is pricey compared to others you can buy but is the only one Nick has tried which has made a difference.  It is also free from all of the nasty chemicals like parabens, sulphates etc.


e.l.f Giveaway

Now that summer seems to have arrived, at least for now, I’ve got some summery e.l.f products to giveaway to one lucky reader!  So far this summer (can I call it summer yet?!) my favourite beauty product is the e.l.f nail varnish called Purple Dream.  It’s one of the nicest colours and is amazingly hard wearing.  Hopefully, you will love these e.l.f products as much as I love their nail varnish!

The first product is a set called the Shimmer Glow Kit which contains Natural Mineral Glow and a Kabuki Body Brush inside a travel makeup case which is perfect for the summer.

The second set is a natural mineral eyeshadow set, Expert Eye, containing eyeshadows, brushes, eyeliner as well as a tutorial on how to use them to create a natural look.

To be in with a chance, you just need to comment on this post and answer the following question:

What is your favourite summer beauty product?

For an extra entry, tweet about the giveaway and tell me that you’ve tweeted in the comment.

The winner will be randomly chosen on Friday 13th May.

Good luck!

(UK entries only sorry)


Body Collection Sultry Eyes

After the disaster that was the Technic eye powder from LoveThyMakeUp, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to try another eye shadow from the same website.  However, the Body Collection eye shadow is a thousand times better!  There are three different pallets to choose from of which I have Mocha, three shades of brown.  The eye shadows are nice and soft – easy to apply but not too powdery.  No, they aren’t the best eye shadows in the world, but they are brilliant considering they only cost £1.99.


A’kin Rose & Geranium Cleanser

This month I’ve been using the A’kin Rose & Geranium Cleanser & Toner In One from MyPure.

As you know, I have absolutely loved all of the A’kin products I’ve tried in the past and this one is no different.  The cleanser smells amazing and is nice and gentle on my skin.  As well as being a toner, another bonus is that it removes eye makeup.  It has quite a thick consistency but you don’t need to use a huge amount for your whole face.

As with all of the products sold by MyPure, there are no sulphates, parabens or other nasty chemicals so is perfect for sensitive skin.

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