NOTW: Indian Ocean

NOTW: Indian Ocean

I’ve been wanting to buy this Models Own Indian Ocean polish for weeks now and it was definitely worth the wait!  It’s a beautiful shimmery colour, almost impossible to describe, with flecks of mainly blue and pink but also an occasional glimpse of green, orange and gold.  After reading other reviews, I thought that I would only be able to use it on top of other colours due to it being so sheer but I actually found that two thick coats was enough to get coverage on its own (in some lights I could see the tips of my nails but that doesn’t really bother me too much).  That’s what I’m wearing in these photos.  It is a hard colour to capture with a camera but hopefully you can get the general idea from these photos!

In other news, I might not be able to post much next week as yesterday we booked a last minute holiday to Kos leaving on Saturday!  I’m super excited!  We’re staying at the Aegean Village which looks really lovely…. just look at the colour of the sea!

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